Monday, 22 June 2009

Dry spell

It sounds like I am not the only one to have lost their mojo recently and I have had nearly two weeks with no creativity whatsoever apart from a few birthday cards which always take me far too long to finish.

What to do?

Start small is the method I chose most of the time. The whole, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" idea. It is not like I don't have a lot of ideas of things to do and projects to start, it is almost like I have too many. But every time I look at my wonderful collection of stash, I just feel overwhelmed.

So start small I did. Do you remember my small CD case calender that I made at the beginning of the year? Each month I print out three small square photos to sum up the month and then make a few notes listing the highlights and there it is - a month encapsulated in a very small, easy way. So, I broke the cycle by completing May's entry and already choosing what I think will be the three photos for this month.
Then I felt compelled to print off my 12 of 12 photos for the month and then, on a roll, I finished my 12 on 12 layout. Pat myself on the back and feel much better. Ok, it is a simple design, almost the same as last month (which is the idea!) but I feel so good that it is done!

I might even now go for the challenge I set Libby et al (see here).

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  1. Anonymous9:25 pm

    well done! I love your 12 on 12 LO, what are those papers? do i have them? do i need them???!


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