Thursday, 11 June 2009

Happily unproductive

I was "home" (UK) last weekend to catch up with friends and family. I had a great time and spent Saturday afternoon at Libby's Bromsgrove Crop featuring the Bellaboo shop and two classes from the sweet Cleo.

As ever, I was totally unproductive. I started the layout class and got about half way before deciding to move on to something else. Followed by a layout which was all but finished until I managed to splodge pink ink all over the photo! Off came the photo, cutting away the paper which had been cut out and glued over the top. Then I realised that the mat was also spoilt so off that came too. Back went on a mat and without a copy of the photo, I had to let it be. Mmmm. Two half finished layouts are not really a good result for almost 8 hours cropping time.

But once again, I spent most of my time chatting, laughing, joking around, seeing what everyone else was up to, shopping and generally enjoying the atmosphere. I just want to give a shout out to all of you who were there and thanks once again for a fab time! I wish I could be there every crop and I hope I was not too much of a pain in the proverbial with all my nosing around and chatting!

Anyway, I managed to finish the layout yesterday and think it is so sweet. I love these papers so very much. It was such a shame to cut them up. But I keep telling myself that the only way to reduce my stash is to (shock horror) USE it!

And I have now replaced the photo and finished off the second layout and am happy with that one too.

Today is a bank holiday here in Germany and I am trying to make the most of it as it is, in effect, the last one we will have until Christmas. We have two more between now and then but they both fall on weekend days and they are not moved to a week day. Great for shop workers but bad for the rest of us! I am alone and have been working away at the very labour intensive Family Tree project from Cleo that I did not do on Saturday. So sweet and well worth all that cutting - my poor fingers have quite a few blister points from all that detailed work. I decided to change it a little to make it all about us (no surprise there) instead of the wider family and I love it. So cute!

Tomorrow is of course the 12th so I need to try to remember to pick up my photo and get snapping for my 12 on 12. These months certainly come round fast.

Am off to stroke my stash now. I bought a vast amount while I was home and now need to find somewhere to put it all! Problems, problems...


  1. Aargh! You've overtaken me, and got your tree done! Helen has blisters on her fingers too, I blame it on her speedy cutting! Mine will be done - soon, possibly tonight. Love your other layout, too.

  2. Anonymous10:07 am

    love your LOs and the tree. the papers are gorgeous. think i might have to get mine out tonight!

    wish you could be at more crops too :(


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