Friday, 14 August 2009


I'm a bit of a flake. Most people who know me would agree.

I often make mountains over molehills and worry about the worst when there is nothing to show that it is likely to happen. And I get stressed. A lot.

Which is why the word of the year, "calm", is so appropriate for me. And I promise that I tried really hard during this move to stay level and calm and just to go with the flow. But it wasn't easy. And I didn't always manage it. And I often got run over by that train thinking it was the light at the end of the tunnel.

And I know that I only have me and R to think about and I know that Libby made her last move heavily pregnant (HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!?) but for me, it was hard. I "gave up" so often, sinking into bed convinced that I would never make it and that we would never climb out of the pit! (Yes, all very melodramatic!)

It's been a hard 4 weeks!

But of course, it is only Ikea screws and packing boxes and the home we have moved to is definitely taking shape.

And the old home we had has most definitely fallen apart.

We went from this in our old flat:

Via this chaos at the height of the packing:

To this sad and empty flat...

The plants are waiting to be collected and I miss them. There is still work to be done here with repainting and some serious cleaning (too scary for words when all the furniture gets moved out.) so that we can hand it back.

But of course on the other side we went from this at first viewing:

Via this with painting and balcony furniture delivery (exciting for us as it's our first balcony) underway:

To a freshly painted flat just waiting for us to move in:

And then the night we moved in. Poor Ted wondered what he'd let himself in for when he first arrived and saw this:

But it began to take shape quickly thanks to all hands on deck:

And this last weekend we were straight enough to welcome guests over for drinks:

I know that at some point in the future we will move again, but right now I am SO relieved to be in and I am not sure I can face another packing box (although I do have a few left to unpack in the kitchen...)

What's being going on with you over the last four weeks?

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