Friday, 29 April 2011

Bet you don't know what I'm up to today....

.... I've got a day off.

I'm sitting inside.

I've got the TV on.

The scones are sitting on the side ready to be scoffed.

The bubbles have been poured.

And a tear or two have been shed.

Yes, I'm one of the 2 billion (!) people world-wide watching "THE" wedding today!

SOOC so it's a bit wonky! But you get the idea!

Can't help it - I've loved it all!


  1. Me too - no bubbles but may have to get the Pimms out later.
    Enjoy x

  2. we've had tea and cake, bubbles later, and waved flags, we've loved it. she looked so beautiful, and the dress...

  3. Actually, this is the first picture I've seen of the wedded couple. No doubt sometime this weekend I'll be catching up on some of the highlights.

  4. I stayed up to 4am here in Alaska watching! I remember watching his mothers wedding, then her funeral, and like the rest of the world watched William grow into the man he is today. I watched him with Kate and all I could think about is how proud Diana would be. He looked absolutely dashing in that uniform and Kate was breathtaking!

  5. hahaha! good for your Lisa. You're too funny. I didn't watch at all. The TV was on when I woke up for work this morning (6:00 AM my time) and my grandma was watching, but I just wasn't one of the billions interested in the event.
    My grandma was thrilled because she has "witnessed" three weddings in that family. Hope you enjoyed your day.

  6. Wasn't it the most amazing day ever? I am not ashamed to say I shed a tear!!! x x

  7. Anonymous12:30 pm

    yep me too, what a great day, we had a looooot of fun celebrating too!

  8. I was glued to the TV too. She looked so natural and radiant. Just a fairy tale wedding


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