Wednesday, 27 April 2011

What do red vellum and Earth Day have in common?

This week's Jingle Belles challenge was inspired by the combination of some junk mail and Earth Day. 

Kathe Deck is this week's guest designer (she can be found on her blog here) and was inspired by a red vellum envelope she came across when sorting through a pile of junk mail. She went home thinking, ""It would be good for something...oh, it would be great for a Christmas card... wouldn't it be really great if the Jingle Belles gave us reuse/recycle theme? Maybe they'd tie it to Earth Day or something like that..." 

Well, they did!

So re-use, re-purpose, re-cycle or up-cycle.

Out. Of. My. Box. 

I don't know why I found this so difficult - I want to be more eco-friendly, honest! But my mind was blank. It has taken me all week to just decide to go for it.

I had a Christmas card that I cut up for the white glitter background, the sentiment and the snowflake (which was on the front and I adore), then I used some Prima packaging as a splash of colour and then the ribbon was an odd scrap I had which probably came off a present. The cardstock is just from my supplies but is part of my unloved collection of colours that I am trying to work through for my Christmas cards rather than just throwing away. 

Can you believe that it's week 17 already? 

May is just a few days away....


  1. WOW! That came together beautifully! The snowflake is amazing and the ribbon is fantastic and that splash of color is just perfect. Gorgeous card Lisa!

  2. Super gorgeous, Lisa!! Sounds like you & I had the same struggle there, eh? But, umm... WAY TO OVERCOME!! Holy Toledo!! Seriously, really *crazy* pretty card!! :)

  3. ok, see, i know you *SAID* you felt like this one was tough for you... and it's not that i don't believe you... it's just that your card is TOTALLY amazing and utterly glorious!!! seriously ♥WOW♥ if this is whatcha do when you're stumped, i think we should keep stumping you, lol! a complete TRIUMPH, here, missus! ♥♥♥!

  4. really, this is very pretty - so glad you decided to go for it!

  5. This is so elegant! Your card came together beautifully. I think your struggle was TOTALLY worth it :)

  6. How could that cardstock be un-loved ... its absolutely right at home in this wonderful recycled design ... love the glitter and that mondo snowflake ... so very glad you celebrated Earth Day with the jingle belles.

  7. never would guess that this gave you any trouble!! this is awesome :)

  8. The colors are fantastic. That snowflake is such an eye catcher. You've created a wonderful recycled card!

  9. Anonymous12:31 pm

    this is brilliant! well impressed!!


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