Monday, 27 June 2011

Inspired by... flags

It's always interesting working for The Scrapbook Magazine as we often get given assignments with directions that really get your brain working. Sometimes, I get the email and at first my brain is completely blank! It's great to track how it goes from blank to done and how I love whatever is the outcome.

An assignment last year that I haven't yet shared, was exactly such a brain teaser but it proved to be one of my favourites of recent months.

Two layouts were requested using the colours of flags: Germany (gold, red and black) and India (blue, green orange and white) to be precise. Added to that, I needed to use the topic of "heroes" and to incorporate paper punches.

Wow, quite a list.

Once I'd got my head around the colours and decided which paper lines I was going to use, it actually came together pretty quickly. Actually, I have to be fair here and let you know that a lot of subject ideas for magazine layouts come from Libby. I like to bounce ideas off her and she often sends me in a direction I hadn't been planning and when I told her I needed to do a layout about heroes she assumed that I'd include Jacob. I had been toying with the idea but thought it might be too geeky. She gave me permission be exactly that and this is the outcome.

I used American Crafts Abode which I thought had some really great reds and yellows, and turned the primary colours of the German into some serious Jacob love.  (And yes, I know it's a bit sad at my age!)

When I showed it to my little brother who was with us at the time, he told me it was the saddest, lamest thing he'd ever seen. I knew then it was perfect! Who needs validation from a 17-year-old anyway?

And when I looked at the colours of the Indian flag, I realised they were often considered to be bright, summery colours and the Bella Blv All Inclusive range proved perfect.

These layouts just go to show that there really is something inspiring in everything around us. Neither of these colour schemes are be ones I'd usually be drawn to but they were so easy to put together once I had found a way to interpret the blend of colours and shades.

What colour schemes have you used recently that were unusual for you?


  1. I had to giggle at the lame comment, hey what's life for if not for a little bit of lusting lol. I adore these layouts so much

  2. Having seen that top one I think I need to try using more black! The contrasts are fantastic

  3. not lame at all... says someone who has already booked the day off work to go to see Breaking Dawn on the day it releases.

    Love your LOs, and your "alternative" heroes

  4. We're supposed to notice the color combo on that first layout - really?

  5. Anonymous9:43 am

    I've just done a layout with yellow, pink, purple and black - which was well out of my confort zone! Great results with your LOs and S made me laugh!

  6. What a great idea to be inspired by flags! I feel the same way when I get my emails from Glue Dots, not always sure what I'm going to do first, but it always works out. I LOVE the Jacob layout and nothing lame about it. He's is a hottie and I don't mind when he takes off his shirt, but I still can't get the image of Sharkboy out of my head ("Sharkboy & Lava Girl" movie).


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