Tuesday, 14 June 2011

June Counterfeit Kit Challenge

LOAD rather takes over when it's running so I didn't get around to creating a May Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit last month and was therefore, all the more ready to get going with it this month.

OK, so it's taken me a few days to actually sit down and put it together, but it's done and I'm hoping it will get me going again after a slow few days at the beginning of the month.

This month's kit has been inspired by the super cute and super pretty June kit over at Burlap and Buttercups (June kit here).

I was thrilled to see such pretty summery colours and patterns and was convinced that I could make something really gorgeous along those lines with products I already had.

And then something odd happened.

I suddenly got all worked up that I wanted to use the same papers as the kit - I had some Stella and Rose after all (in fact, I had the die cut sheet that is included in the kit). And I loved them.  And it would be great to put them into this kit. Oh, and while I was at it, it was a good excuse to go and get more and the BG Hello Luscious too. And then I did. I actually went out and bought the Hello Luscious range and more Stella and Rose so that I could match almost all the papers in the kit.

I lost track of the reason I do this challenge! To use up existing stash that has been sitting for more or less time, unloved and unused.

When I got home and looked at the kit again, and then at the papers I had bought, I decided to *get a grip* and continue making up my version of the kit using stuff I had had before.

The other papers will be used up anyway - I adore them after all! I don't regret buying them (they were all on my shopping list anyway) but I challenged myself to continue in the intended way.

The kit I have made up is much more like the *feeling* of the kit.

Here are the papers I have put together and include many partly used sheets. In fact, all the pp on the right hand side are papers that were originally in a kit from last year that I have been using recently. They are all cut into but seemed to fit the mood I was looking for so in they went.

Then I put together my, larger than the original, embellishment selection. I went with the overall ideas they had in the originals (pins, brads, ribbon, chipboard, butterflies) but just picked and selected until I had a nice big pile!

I took inspiration from Margie (one of the Counterfeit forgers) who made up her own flowers and vellum butterflies. I gathered a few felt and paper flowers and stacked them together with buttons, even adding some stitching to one of them, and then punched out some butterflies from some standard white vellum I had. I layered up three at a time, only gluing the centre strip and adding a few pearls.

I also added in a lot of left over pieces from the kit I mentioned above - that kit is now finished and all the leftovers have found a home in this new kit - cool huh?

A few alphabets, some tags and some twine add to the bits and pieces that I like to use when I create!

Should I name this kit? I was thinking about "All A Flutter" due to the large number of butterflies I've included. What do you think?


  1. Looks like a beautiful kit - and I wouldn't be too hard on yourself for your splurge. A lot of my kit this month is made up of recent buys, but I'm figuring that it's the 'using it up' part that counts :)

  2. Your kit looks gorgeous,can't wait to see the end results.xxx

  3. I'm guilty of being so inspired by the original kit that I run out and by some of the papers too! Love your take on the original kit, and the name you gave it! Fits perfectly!

  4. I love the idea of giving your kit a name. It's beautiful - there will be some lovely pages coming from that one I'll bet.

  5. lovely kit, I can't wait to see what you create

  6. pretty kit, and good for you for using up partial sheets

  7. What a pretty kit! I actually made my way over the the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog and saw the Smash book summer challenge...may have to do that one.

  8. I love your patterned papers. I want to shop from your stash :)

  9. Gorgeous kit~ Gorgeous. I think I would lay it all out on my dining room table and just look at it. Seriously. I think it is so you to name it too~ you are a wordsmith (yes, you are!).

    I am always enamored with all the pink. I need more pink in my life~
    :o) Junelle

  10. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Love that you got swept up and went shopping - so tempting when there's such lovely stuff out there! Love the look of your kit Hx

  11. Gorgeous kit!! I love, love, love your handmade flowers and butterflies!! You did such an awesome job!! And thanks for the mention, I am so glad I inspired you!

  12. Anonymous1:26 pm

    What a gorgeous kit! I'm always inspired when I see these posts, but you know me, I'll never get around to it!

  13. Absolutely fabulous!!! Love the papers. xoxo

  14. 'All a flutter' is the perfect name for this pretty kit. I love your hand-made embellishments!

  15. Love the flowers and all the butterflies. This kit is wonderful! But I know what you mean...sometimes I see papers or embellishments in the kit and I have to have it! I actually have a few things on my wish list because of this!

  16. Don't feel too bad, the inspiration kit was gorgeous. Your kit is too, have fun using it!

  17. YAY! Glad you got yourself back on the "right" track. I love your kit. I love the butterflies and the chipboard windows will be fun to use!

  18. Love LOVE your kit!!! Hope you are having fun playing!


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