Monday, 25 July 2011

Just two more...

Here are the last two layouts from my Counterfeit kit - Ingonish Beach - although I could probably get two more out of it if they were less stash heavy than my usual!

Combining the kit with Lain's prompts has used it up much more quickly than last month so I will be raring to go again with the new inspiration kit when it is published on August (can you believe it's nearly August?!?) 5th.

Prompt 21 was Q for Quick - we should have made our layouts in 30 minutes or less. Yeah, right!

I'm a slow scrapper. Really. Slow.

And that just isn't a problem for me. I'm not trying to catch up. Not trying to fill the album before the next event. Not trying to fit in the scrapping around a more than full life. I'm just scrapping for me. It's my main hobby. I don't scrap chronologically and I'm not working with new photos. I'm just tootling along, doing my thing and taking my time over it. Doesn't mean I'm not in awe of people who can. It must be great to get more than one page done at a crop or an album completed before the next holiday. But my slow style scrapping? If that means I only complete one page in a sitting or one page a week, then so be it. I'm not sure I could do a page in 30 minutes even if I wanted to. Maybe I should try it one day - just to see how it feels.

This one took ages as I was unsure about the photos. Then unsure about what scraps I could use in the kit. Then the design was hard. Then I decided to do a lot of cutting for my cluster. Well, you get the idea!

In the end, I was ok with the result. These are the types of photos that can be difficult to decide what to do with but this seemed to be the story that needed telling. (I have since changed the journalling to add in the word that's missing!). Oh yes, and I used up some more of my never ending brad stash!

Ingonish Beach kit layout #7

Day 22 was R is for Recycling.

This one was easy.

I recycled June's Scrap Happy sketch including the orientation and my banner cluster. I recycled many of the bits and pieces left over in my kit. And I recycled some basics that are part of my style: little white space, clusters, dimension, layers, banners, string bows and inking. Not so sure about the tag and bird banners but it was a lot of fun to make this and I love the bright colours.

Ingonish Beach layout #8

So, 8 layouts using up 16 photos, lots of brads and dozes of banners (well, quite a few anyway.)

I may still try to get one more layout from the kit and I have already cut out some card blanks to make up. Then it'll be goodbye once again to Ingonish Beach and the new kit is just around the corner.


  1. Just two more great layouts, Lisa. I do like your banners, always.

  2. WOW - two more stunning pages - I'm impressed with your creativity and with you all the way on your tootling along - I've never seen the point in rushing scrapping - I enjoy the process.

  3. I agree, both layouts are stunning! You look gorgeous in red! You have really managed to get lots out of your kit! I'm a slow scrapper as well, I rarely get more than one layout completed at an evening crop, I spend lots of time thinking how I want things done :) And yes, August is too close!

  4. Your thoughts on scrapping sound a lot like my own! I just do it for fun, just playing away at my own pace. Which is also pretty slow!

    Your pages are, as always, so enjoyable to look at. I love the details!

  5. lovely pages, Lisa-I am usually quite a slow scrapper myself-I love the banner and the flower/brad cluster.

  6. Love those LOs. And love the journalling on the "closer" LO. And love that R knows you so well to take the photos that you will love.

  7. I love not only your scrapping style, but also your approach to it.

  8. Anonymous1:12 am

    Tootling is grand - and scrapping is fun so I'm not inclined to rush either. Love the way you use clusters of embellishments - really lovely pages!

  9. AMAZING banner layout! I had to share on Twitter and Pinterest :)

  10. holy ♥♥♥WOW♥♥♥! i sort of keep forgetting that cards are not your "main thing"... seeing as how you do soooo amazingly well in that area. but these are ASTONISHING and sooooooooo fabulous... almost making me want to scrap! (ALMOST!)

    something i love even more than the LO's (& those beeeeautiful pics) is your defiant "slowness"!!! i know time is a huge factor for a lot of ppl and i do admire being able to work quickly AND well, but the process is so much more important than getting done x amount in any set time frame. plus... you are VERY PRODUCTIVE so really you've got NOTHING to worry about there, either! :) :) :)

  11. These are GREAT LO's!!


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