Saturday, 23 July 2011

Successfully forging ahead

This month's Counterfeit Kit - Ingonish Beach - has proved so successful this time around. I've made a total of 8 layouts and think it would be possible to make at least one more if I added in some more cardstock. I definitely have enough for a handful of cards so I'll have to see what I want to do with what's left.

For these layouts, I think the only extra I added in was two sheets of cardstock (the original kit only had 6 sheets I think and I back my layouts with cardstock almost exclusively.) which just goes to show how easy it was to combine the products to create what I think are totally different looking layouts. I have really made the most of cutting up elements in the kit and mixing all the products together - old and new, different manufacturers etc. I have really had a lot of mileage out of a few of the papers (the October Afternoon banners, the Cosmo birds, kites and strip elements and the BasicGrey flowers) and haven't really needed to steal the middles very much as I usually do!

I made them all as part of my daily challenge, Whimsical Musings, where we have been following some Lain prompts. Prompts to follow and ready made kits certainly takes a lot of guesswork out of this and on the whole, this has been a very easy month to create a layout every day!

The prompt for this one was "N for Never" meaning try doing things you don't do normally. So for me this was: white space, misting on the background, same photo twice, no background paper on top of the cardstock, not much distressing. But it seemed to work and I ended up with something I love! Those banners again... Sorry so many banners (more to come :-) ) but they were on the October Afternoon paper and were just calling out to be cut out individually!

Ingonish Beach #4

Ingonish Beach #4 detail

"O is for Order" or pay attention to the order you work (paper, photos, story or technique first?)

I can do a page from any starting point so this was an easy one for me. But I deliberately started by grabbing this difficult to use paper from my kit and cutting out the dogs to make a dog centric page. Only then did I go and find some photos to match the theme.

Not so happy with this one. Bit too much overall. But the dog banner? Cute!

Ingonish Beach #5

This day's prompt was more difficult. There was an interview with Liz Tamanaha and we should be inspired by her style. Well, even though I found her stuff stunning, totally gorgeous and lift worthy, it just didn't get me. In the end I decided to have a go at some sort of film strip as this is something which she seems to do a lot. I went with the music papers I have in my kit (both of which I'm not keen on!) and came up with something I can only say was disappointing! Never mind. Live and learn!

Ingonish Beach #6
I'll post the last couple of layouts soon to spread out the banner overload!

What do you find yourself adding to your pages time and time again at the moment?


  1. Lovely pages - you've been very productive this month. I especially like the first one - and love the detail!

    I'm almost unable to finish a page without adding stitching to it at the moment - and I still have ideas I want to try with hand-stitching so I guess I'll just have to work my way through them!

  2. I'm so impressed that you have already made 8 layout! I love your gallery standout choice, especially the cluster at the bottom.

  3. No such thing as too many bsnners. Your layouts are stunning, no other word for it. What I've really enjoyed is theyre all different :)

  4. Your pages just get better! I love your kits and think you should offer them to the public. They are so fun.

    I am curious if you are doing the LOAD in September or October? I am trying to plan my life so that I get it done this time :o)

    Your blog looks so updated and fun...I need to have you help me with a banner. I seem to have forgotten how to do it? Hugs & loves~ Junelle

  5. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Lovely layouts again - I like that they are all different. The dog banner made me smile - but the first one is beautiful!

  6. Lovely layouts! Love your embellishment clusters!


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