Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Creating to give away

Living in Germany, I've learnt to follow the rules. Not that I wasn't a rule follower to begin with ;-) But you'll have a hard time fitting in round here if you don't learn to do the right thing.

So you might be a bit shocked to read that for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge mini-challenge #3, I *twisted* the prompt quite a bit.  ;-)

We were asked to "Craft It Forward" and be inspired by Scrapbooks Etc. who create a project each month to spread the love and to give away. November's project is placemats and their ideas can be seen here.

But first back to my first point. Well, first of all, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here so autumnal mats didn't really apply for me. And my November Glory kit was all fall colours so I broke away from that idea altogether and went instead for the more general idea of the inspiration and made a single mat just for the centre of the table and in a Christmas style. Of course, I needed to chose products from outside my kit but kept with the spirit of CKC by choosing some (much) older BasicGrey as well as a few other festive items.

I covered 6 coasters with paper, decorated each one and finally covered them with Mod Podge before connecting them with some baker's twine. I will be giving this to a friend who I don't see often enough and who needs to know that I'm thinking of her!

What will you make to pass it forward?


  1. But, which side of the stairs is correct in Germany? That is such a sweet table centre. Anybody would love to have it.

    By the way, Human League medley is playing on Radio 2 at the moment... now, gently wave those arms in the air, look mournful... then remember your in your forties now, and dance like no-ones watching! Hope you ejoyed yourday, yesterday, love and hugsX

  2. I LOVE these! They are just gorgeous.

  3. Anonymous7:46 pm

    These look lovely - this is one challenge that defeated me I'm afraid! Your centre mat is a great idea!

  4. Heidi (aka move4life)6:21 am

    Did I read this correctly that your bday was yesterday (Nov 22)?? Say it isn't so!!! Because 1) I missed it. :( and 2) Our youngest Sam's was on Monday the 21st. So you are sort of like Birthday Snugglies with my son if your days sit next to each other. :) He's in good company :) xoxo Heidi

  5. So cool! Bet your friend will love this! And Happy Belated Birthday! Read Heidi's comment ;)


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