Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday share

I've been quiet. No particular reason. Just life. Busy busy. I'm sure you can all understand - the list of things to do, people to see, places to go gets longer and longer. Anyway, I have been creating in the background and thought I'd share today.

This first layout was from the last day of October (informal) LOAD and I used my Balmy August kit which is amazing in its ability to keep on going. This is layout #9 and I think I might have one more left. Funny.

I make a final layout each LOAD and I just wanted to capture a few thoughts about this wonderful experience. As the layout says, this might have been the best one yet. Such fun and such a wonderful group of amazing women to share the month with.

Since I created this, I changed it to 32 layouts and 125 photos to include this layout into the count. Such a sense of achievement.

This next layout is my first layout from my Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit, November Glory. And yes, it's a little "out there". I created it for our Whimsical Musings challenge #12 which was all about "Scary" and I decided to document a little known (very peculiar) fact about me.

It was such a coincidence that I had the number die-cut paper in my kit which proved perfect. I wanted to brighten it all up a bit by adding the fussy cutting some of the Urban Lily paper in the kit. I know it's a bit clashy, but I like it.

And one last layout that I created today for day 1 of Lain's latest mini-class, Your Story Matters. As a Scrap Happy member, we were automatically enrolled and it's all about capturing some of our own stories. If you've read my blog for any length of time, you'll know this is no problem at all for me but it's still nice to just create for fun while following a specific prompt.

Sorry for the poor quality of the scan - no way to take a photo in the light we have as this time of year.

Creating this layout I realised that I could easily turn it into a whole series which would be a lot of fun. Maybe one spread for each location so I will give this some thought. I used November Glory again for this layout and based it on a layout I've made before which was designed by Nichol Magouirk.

The journalling is a little hit and miss and this is something I really want to improve. I need to slow down and take more time to handwrite it carefully and think about what I want to write and how before I start. It so often turns out a bit askew like this one!

One thing I've noticed about November Glory is that there are some elements that I keep putting to one side when I flip through the items. This might suggest that these need to be recycled out of my stash and I will be keeping my eye on them for the rest of the month. I'm not forcing myself to use things I don't like but the kit is a good way to really see how I feel about this older stuff.

Anyway, the weekend is almost at an end and I hope you enjoyed it. Such wonderful November weather where we are.

More blog posts to come this week, I hope! :-)


  1. 125 photos on 32 layouts - that is just amazing, as is the fact that your quality is so consistent even during LOAD. I am already anticipating doing LOAD next year - can't wait.

  2. Sometimes quiet can be good :) working away in the background without any thought to what you are going to show can definitely be more relaxing at times! That bow is gorgeous - I thought you said you needed more practice?!

  3. Congrats on finishing another LOAD! And pooh! I forgot all about Lain's new class. I totally meant to sign up. Beautiful pages - love that first one!

  4. Wow! 125 photos - what an accomplishment! These layouts are all wonderful. And I can relate to how you said you keep putting things aside from your kit. I found myself doing that with my September kit alot. Again, fantastic work!

  5. Such an accomplishment!!!I love to stop by your blog, your creativity is so inspiring!

  6. Anonymous1:27 pm

    You done fantastically! I love that big bow - beautifully done.

  7. You are one AWESOME scrapper Lisa - that's a huge page count. There are plenty of other scrappers that achieve LOAD, but not sure how many of them produce such beautiful, layered, gorgeous, individual pages day after day! You rock!

  8. These are beautiful!! I can't believe you are able to keep up with LOAD. I have never been able to do so!!!!

    Anyway...I understand busy myself. UGH. ACK. EEEEKKKKK


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