Thursday, 28 June 2012

Let's get moving

Anyone who knows me knows that I certainly don't mean in the exercise, tired and sweaty workout kind of way. Bleh!

No, this is all about the new Counterfeit Kit Challenge mini-challenge "Get Moving" which prompts us to make a project with moving parts on it. That one had me stumped to begin with. I thought about sliders or fold-outs and after lots of umming and aahing, in the end went with something I've been meaning to try for a long time and realised that this was the time :-)

I went with large, very dimensional pinwheels for this fairground inspired photo. Somehow I felt like these went together but maybe I was pushing the limits for the connection!

CKC June kit, Subtlety layout #3

Again, this was a page made up before the photo was selected more or less. And then I added a few bits and pieces from my kit to just add a little bit more. As if the pinwheels weren't enough! No one will ever accuse me of having too little stuff on my layouts! :-)

And to proved that my pinwheels really do turn, if you look at these photos, you can see that the wheel is in different positions in each one.

Fellow Master Forger Crystal asked me how I'm going to store this and to be honest, I have no idea! It's really too dimensional to go in a page protector and it would be a shame to squash down all those tails but I don't really have enough space to keep it out :-( I'm still thinking about this one.

How do you store those thick and bulky pages?

In the meantime, what moving parts will you include in your creations? Don't forget to share over at the CKC June Mr Linky page. I'm interested in more ideas - this was a lot of fun! Even though I've only managed three pages from my June kit so far, I still really like it and hope to be able to make quite a few more when I have a bit more time.


  1. lol! I'm like you - I make bulky pages and then of course someone asks me the same trcky question and I have no answer. I think the big pinwheels are fab

  2. I love the big pinwheels! That's a display page, for sure - on an easel, in a shadow box frame, or just clipped up on the wall? Or, are you sure it won't fit in a WRMK protector? Those things are really roomy. If you made it the first page of an d-ring album, it would have some extra "clearance."

  3. awesome pinwheels! I'd pop it on my easel, then when it was time to be replaced, just put it in an album, it'll probably squish - but, it will still move, and it'll always have awesome pinwheels!

  4. Oh I love the pinwheels! I agree with everyone else an easel or a shadow box for sure!

  5. I love those pinwheels. This is a great layout. I haven't finished much more than you with my June kit. There must be something to the saying "lazy summer days".

  6. Stunning - dramatic - fun - bold in a pastel palette - um, wow!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Don't worry about how to store it, just love the beauty of it!!

  8. Lovin those layers and those pinwheels are fabulous!!

  9. Amazing! love the pinewheels. and I love the white space on this lo.
    Maybe you can adhere it to a canvas and hang it on the wall? no way it can go into a page protector without destroying those lovely pinewheels.


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