Wednesday, 30 January 2013

13 Loves {January 2013}

True to form, I've decided to copy my wonderfully creative friend Pam and join in on her series for the year {13 Loves} where, on a monthly basis, she showcases items that she's loving right now.

So, I hope she doesn't mind me jumping on her inspiration and I know I'm late this month but I wanted to get it up within January so that I can join in on time for the rest of the year (that's the plan anyway!).


My word which just sort of came to me and I promptly ordered a charm to remind myself of it every day


These shoes which I spotted in the Marina Bay Shopping Mall, Singapore when I was there in December. Every time I look at this photo, I fall in love all over again. *sigh*


Where I'm spending way too much time but can't seem to stop {follow me over there here}


My iPhone - loving it more and more. I hardly use it as a phone, but I can't imagine life without it :-)


These cosy pjs. comfy, soft, warm, pretty. who could ask for more?


Trying to eat more healthy food to get rid of a few kilos


These words. so true. so me. so us. {Pinterest find here}


Need to go out and get this. sounds like exactly my kind of product.


My room. it's not finished but it's mine and I'm loving creating in here


This place. I love it. Thanks Pam. Join us {here}. We'd love to see you there.


A recent find from Ikea. Not sure how I'm going to use them yet but I know 
I'll find a way to have them in my room.


We had a lot of snow this month which I loved. If I had made this list on the 13th, the snow would still have been outside my window - hoping for more before the end of winter.


The best way to keep up with another year of daily photos and catch up with both my adorable sisters and live a vicarious single life in glamourous NYC through Pam!

Thanks Pam for a wonderful idea. I really enjoyed putting this month's list together. 


  1. Your craftroom is looking so very organised :). And those PJs look cosy ... I've just got an iphone too and it is becoming a real part of my life on an hourly basis!

  2. oh yay!!! I've got company. So fun. I love it when we do things together. Really looking forward to it knowing you will (try to) be with me.

    I ADORE your entire list (perhaps not the pink shoes. not my shade of pink). thanks for the blog love. as always you are my biggest fan/inspiration :)

  3. What a fun post. Your room looks inviting. I must have that lipstick too - and believe it or not, I came across a pair of shoes that will outdo those in the pink department.

  4. Fun series! Love the baskets in your scrap room!

  5. Wow. Your crafty area looks amazing! It stood out amongst all those other photographs because I'm desperately trying to tidy mine after months of neglect!

  6. A great start ...loving your 13. Oohh I like that charm, our word this year is renew too :)

  7. Fab list. Sharing some of your loves, jamas in the evening, some healthier eating, a moved and tidied craft space, and my new smart phone. All going on over here, too x


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