Saturday, 9 February 2013

Let's talk

I need to confess that I cheated a bit this month with my kit! I happened to get the inside track on what my challenge would be in the month at the same time as what the new kit would be. So, when putting my kit together so I was able to feel very smug at popping a little pack of speech bubble post-it notes into my box of goodies!

So here we are with the Counterfeit Kit Challenge mini-challenge#2 - to use speech bubbles in a fun way on your project and my little cheat made this layout come together so easily. But honestly, making your own wouldn't take so much time either. I'm just really lazy.

I enlisted the help of my husband for this one as I had several ways I could go, but then he came up with this idea. The stories that we repeat to each other over and over again. I know you have them too. The ones where you start, "Have I ever mentioned..." knowing full well that you have told this snippet a thousand times, only for the other person to say, "No.... go one..." again knowing full well that it will be hard for one of you not to laugh because you've heard it sooooo often!

We have hundreds of these little exchanges but the one I've documented here might be the first and therefore the original. He's a big Elton fan, converting me in the process so I found a way to add a couple of concert (bad) photos in the process.

Oh boy, do I love my kit this month! This is my third layout and it's so great to be using these blues and greens after a lot of more typical colours for me. I added in the tiny alpha at the bottom and a few buttons but I consider these free items anyway! Ha ha!

And, going back to the beginning of last month when I promised a little giveaway... I had posted a winner but they haven't come to claim their prize so I pulled another name.

Drum roll please......

Congratulations to Mandy of the blog

Mandy just so happens to be one talented Guest Designer over at Counterfeit this month so Congrats to her!

Mandy, use the email link in the side bar to contact me with your snail mail address - really excited to be sending you something all that way! How exciting!


  1. what a cool idea for a page

  2. Anonymous3:03 pm

    I love your speech bubble layout! We really do tell the same great stories over and over!

  3. Oh wow - what a surprise!!! I came here to see and comment on your LO and I couldnt believe what I was reading!! aaaaw thanks so much!!!

    eeer, back to your LO (lol - lost my thinking!)
    Its wonderful - I love how you have layered your speech bubbles down the page with so much valuable journaling!!!

    Skipping off now!!!

  4. oh wow!! I came her to look and comment on your LO!!! I couldnt believe my eyes when I read I was drawn a winner! Goodness!!! to think about your LO - I lost my thought!!!
    I love the layered bubbles down the page - and so much valuable journaling!!

  5. shaking head at you ...insider trading alert! hahahaha. good lo.

  6. shaking head at you ...insider trading alert! hahahaha. good lo.

  7. Fabulous layout! I think if I knew in advance waht the challenges were going to be I prolly would do a little cheating myself!!

  8. LOL - we have those exchanges too - fab idea for a page!

    Congrats Mandy!

  9. Fantastic use of the speech bubbles. They look great layered down the side of your layout.

  10. Wonderful page!!!! The colors are perfect on this page! What a cool idea to document those stories!

  11. The speech bubbles look great all layered down the page! And the added buttons look great too.

    We don't tend to tell stories over and over, but we do re-use jokes until they become ridiculously annoying! x

  12. Speech bubbles have often thrown me but this is very inspiring. I think I might just borrow it :-)

  13. Your layout looks great and I love how you've used your speech bubbles.


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