Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wednesday Wonderland #2

Two weeks in a row! Amazing...

It almost didn't happen today but I pulled myself together and quickly put this card together for Jingle Belles prompt JB:03:13: Ho Ho H2O which is to feature icicles, snow, frozen lakes etc.

Looking through my papers I found a cute sparkly one with penguins, ocean and icebergs which seemed perfect to use as a simple main feature for the card. I love it when I can make the paper do all the work for me. All I needed to do was cut it out! Matting it up to give some detail and wrapping a bit of twine to make it look more finished and that was all it needed.

The penguin looked to me as if he was gazing off to the distance - a bit sad really - which made me think of the sentiment.

30 minutes and I was done.

Almost a record for me!

Making cards yet? It's never too early *wink*!


  1. You always want to make me run up to my craft room and start making Christmas cards :)

  2. Love the graphic feel of this one. The penguin does look a little pensive, doesn't he?

  3. He does look a bit forlorn ... as if he's lost his favorite playmate ... such a perfect sentiment for this awesome design ... so glad you joined us at jingle belles.

  4. well as usual, not only is your finished card amazing and gorgeous, i just ♥LOVE♥ your "process" too! making the paper do the work is brilliant, but the cardmaker has to have the "vision" to see a cool way to USE the ingredients, and then tie everything together (in this case LITERALLY with the fab twine!) with embellies and a cool sentiment. which of course YOU do, in spades!!! have vision, i mean. :) :) :) love it!!!!


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