Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wednesday Wonderland #11

Super short and sweet today.

I'm feeling a bit under the weather but really wanted to run off one last blingy card on my time as GD over at Jingle Belles where I've been hanging out with my favourite Christmas Belles.

I challenged everyone to use as much bling and sparkle as possible this week and tried to make four very different cards. I think I achieved that goal and am delighted with all that glitter!

Here's my über-simple one this week. The idea just came to me and I'm pleased with how it came out. I even used my own handwriting on it!

My white glitter paper is all but gone now so I will have to track down some more - any suggestions?

Happy Hump Day everyone. How's your card pile coming along? :-)


  1. This was a great challenge Lisa, I was thrilled to see you as the guest at JB!

    This card is just stunning! I love the snowflakes coming down and the rolling hills you created! Also, I wish my handwriting looked that nice!

  2. super-simple describes ALL the best ideas, but of course they only SEEM super-simple AFTER one sees them and thinks, "why didn't *I* come up with that" but of course the rest of us did not, whereas YOU did! ♥♥♥ love*LOVE*love this, of course!!!

    ps: doodlebug and dcwv both make awesome glitter papers; the latter is easier to diecut, but the former is soooooooo textural and super-duper-sparkly!!!

    pss: thank you again for the awesome "BLING" idea and all the great cards you made! ♥

  3. It's simply stunning

  4. Ooh. That side angle really shows off the sparkle. It looks lovely!

  5. This is so pretty with all that glittery paper! I like your use of black too. Don't see a lot of Christmas cards with a lot of black and this just works so well! :-)

  6. Wonderful card..Love the shimmer of the fallen snow! You have fabulous lucky girl...
    Mine is too uneven and a bit messy to use that way.


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