Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wednesday Wonderland #12

It's that time of the week again. Again? Hard to believe, but Wednesday is here once more and I'm back with another Wednesday Wonderland.

This week, the Belles are getting ready for Earth Day (22nd April) with one of our favourite prompts, to use something recycled on our cards.

I don't actually know where I put all the cards from last Christmas as that is usually my go to process for this prompt. The cards we buy these days are so beautiful that they can often be recycled in some way for the next year. However, what I did have were some cards left overs in my scrap box. It's the last one of this particular design and I managed to cut out a card front from the main body, a sentiment from inside plus another I discovered in the box, and the small thumbnail image from the back of the card.

A few scraps of paper, some really old ribbon and a sprinkle of stickles on the small image and I'm finished.


  1. Lovely cards Lisa - I'm envious of your ability to turn out perfect bows. In the past, I have recycled cards received into tags. But this year I had two years worth of cards stacked up - so I just recycled them to be quick about it. Not ideal - but at least eco-friendly.

  2. speaking of ♥MAGICAL♥ both of these cards pretty much DEFINE the term, don't they? sooooo gorgeous, ethereal, glittery, etc, and a GREAT job of turning the original cards (which i'm sure were v pretty on their own) into absolutely original works of art! love♥LOVE♥love these, missus!!!


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