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Counterfeit Kit Challenge November kit reveal blog hop

Happy November 1st.

It's a Bank Holiday here in Germany but due to the fact that I am always doing things at the last minute, here I am at 7 in the morning, getting my post ready to go live in an hour!

Anyway, I love November. Yes, a bit controversial. It's not usually up there in the top three (or even in the top ten!) of anyone's list. But it's our Birthday month and a few years ago, I decided to change my attitude to this grey, dreary month and since then have been able to see it for all its glory. And we've been lucky the last few years and have had some incredible Novembers full of sunshine and blue skies and even a smattering of snow. I tell you this because since then I have tried to make my November Counterfeit kit a bit special to support this better feeling about the month :-) And this month, I think I have another winner to create with all month long.

So onto the reason you are here - the Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit reveal for November. If you've come to me via the inspirational Lesley - the first slice of my Lesley/Leslie sandwich - you're on the right track. If not, why not pop back to the Counterfeit blog and catch up with all the team - you won't regret it.

This month we are happy to have Vikki as our Guest Designer so please make her welcome and say hi to her as you go along - I'm sure she will have something gorgeous to share.

We were given a really autumnal kit for inspiration from Jenni Bowlin this month. It's really got that seasonal feel to it and is a great place to start. There are a few more close ups if you follow the links (here and here) and even some add ons so there's plenty for you to choose from...

 Realising straight away that I didn't have a single item from the original kit, I let it inspire me in a more fluid way and came up with a kit that definitely has its roots here but they might be difficult to pick out.

Let me introduce "Comfort" to you - and yes, I'm already in love with it!

 First off was to notice that the JB kit had quite a lot of BasicGrey and some Crate paper so to start selecting my papers, I decided that this is where I would go. I've been trying to incorporate a lot more of my newer stash into my kits recently as it seems a shame to let them sit there getting old while my CKC kits are full of older stash. Therefore, I turned to BasicGrey Hipster and Crate Paper DIY shop as well as some from Acorn Avenue (also Crate). I found a stripe that reminded me of the original, some spots, a floral and lots of papers that had a similar small repeating design. I also tried to match up, in a very loose way, the tones and colours although I ended up with something far less brown and much more neutral with a splash of red. Mmmmm. One extra sheet of word bubbles replaced the word bubbles embellies in the original.


Having decided on these two companies, it seemed sensible to me to pull out some of the stickers, chipboard and die cuts from the Crate Paper lines which are practically untouched and add them in.

The JB kit has a whole pack of BG transparencies which include a lot of leaves and flowers. Flowers are covered in the Crate die cuts and stickers, so into the kit went a pile of wooden leaves that are so adorable.

Looking back to the inspiration kit again, I picked out letter stickers, stamps, jutte and sequins that needed to be added. So two extra sets of alphas - one large one small; some buttons because I hardly use them any more and I have gazillions; a SC date/phrase stamp (Thanks Bethany!) with a new stamp pad seemed to match and will encourage me to use it up; and some very old ribbons that I threw in for good measure.

Going back to my room, I then picked out a few last things that I think will really be useful such as the Crate slide frames, some lace and a few left over items from Crate Paper's The Pier.

This is another BIG kit. But I'm fine with that because there is lots of variety (especially when I look at the B-sides of the papers and all those stickers) and it's a kit full of stuff that I know I love.

I have promised myself that I will go back to my older stash in the new year for a few kits but at the moment, I'm really enjoying making up my CKC kits with scrummy, inspiring new stash. Last month thanks to LOAD,  I used up my WHOLE October Stargazer kit (12 layouts) which is something that hasn't happened for as long as I can remember. Of course, creating every day helped but also, I was SO in love with my kit that it just inspired me day after day after day. I have big plans for this kit too.

Thanks for dropping by and please let me know you were here - why not let me know how you feel about November?

The ever creative and endlessly delightful Leslie is the top slice of my sandwich and your next stop along the hop.

If you get lost, here is the full list. Have a great day everyone!

Guest Designer:  Vikki
Lisa H.: You are here


  1. Anonymous9:10 am

    Your dedication to duty has not gone unnoticed. I was thinking I might not join in this month because I wanted something Christmassy to get my cards done, but I notice you have included some of the christmassy bits from the DIY Shop embelly kit I have and brought out the red of the original by lightening the brown/biege so I may have a rethink.
    Bromsgrove crop tomorrow, so not a lot of time to get it all together ;)

  2. Glad I was not taking a sip of coffee when I read your thoughts on November. Total lol. It is all in how we approach something, isn't it. Our perception and expectations shape our experience.
    Thinking about it now, Nov is an ambivalent month for me. No excitement, low stress. If I use my time in Nov to this advantage, I can have a lot of Dec stuff done and out of the way. I think November makes my top ten list. (March, and the cold, dark spell that covers half of Jan and into Feb are way at the bottom.)
    On to your kits. Congratulations for the high output from Stargazer. LOAD sure does ramp up the creative output factor.
    Comfort is so indicative of you, if someone just showed me a picture of it, I would immediately think of you.

  3. November has been well championed! Enjoy the kit :-)

  4. Beautiful! As always! Loving your LOAD los, too!

  5. Gorgeous!!! Love your inspiration and why you chose the items for the kit! I can't wait to choose the items for my kit this month! I am like you and have none of what is in the kits! I love love and have several of the items in your kit. And it has inspired me to think about what I want to put together. Mother's Birthday impatiently will wait for tomorrow! And I laugh as I entered the hop wrong! LOL!

  6. Fab kit! so many beautiful things inside. looking forward to see what you'll be making with your kit.

  7. What a great name for your kit and how cheering to read of your positive take on November! Hoping you have lots of fun with this pretty kit.

  8. November is seriously my FAVORITE month of the year. I love the grey, dreary days (I know that's odd!) I love the way the sun (when it is out) is low in the sky and days grow shorter. I enjoy the anticipation of the holidays (and yes, I start early), yet we haven't kicked into total crazy mode. My feelings of the month have been tarnished a bit since November is the month I lost my mother, but as time passes (will be 5 years this month) it is getting the tiniest bit easier. So...enough about me! Your kit is lovely and full of so many FAVES. You just can't go wrong with Crate. I wish you another productive month with "Comfort".

  9. I LOVE November! For me it kicks off the Holiday season, my absolute most favorite time of year. Your kit is A-MAZ-ING! But that's nothing unusual. So many pretty things here. Looking forward to your creations this month!

  10. Anonymous5:43 am

    I love your kit! I just adore those starts, I cannot wait to see how you use them!

  11. Oh that's a great kit Lisa! So versatile, I could see myself creating all sorts of things with it :) Can't wait to see what you create.

  12. November? Wow - I'm not sure I've ever really thought of November, specifically, although my hubby just said today "3 weeks until Thanksgiving" (here in the USA) & my eyes bugged out, lol! With October being a LOAD month, my chaos has just ended. I love the fall season but by now where I am it is usually pretty much over with - this year I think we are running about a week slower (yay!) Cozy would probably be my word of choice - cocoa & hot cider, fires in the woodstove, the smell of burning leaves - this month's kit is perfect as if I had to assign a color it would definitely be brown, lol!
    Your kit is really, really lovely - what a pleasure you will have scrapping such happy things this month with this beautiful kit!

  13. you already know how I feel about your kits :):):):) ...and I always mix the old & new stash (even though I have been on a spending freez for a frew months, new supplies always seem to find me via RAKs and friends) all the Crate that you incorporated in there!

  14. This such a wonderful kit!! I love everything you have in it. Loved reading your thought process, and how you went for the manufacturers first. That's never crossed my mind before - a different perspective for next time perhaps!!
    This is terrific... I could easily play amongst your kit!!!!!

  15. Yes that kit makes me comfortable too. The little stars,frames and pinwheels are gorgeous.

  16. AHHHH..Germany. I miss Germany and it's Novembers. We've been back stateside for over 3 years now after being stationed in Baumholder for two years.

    Your kit is gorgeous. I love how packed it is (mine tend to be packed like that too...when I play). I hope to see some fun from you this month!

  17. Gorgeous kit Lisa! I see we're both using the same sheet of speech bubbles. :) I, too, love November. It's such a quiet month around here and since my family has lots going on in both October and December it's nice to have some calm in between.

  18. Love love your kit! I have a great deal of this in my own stash can't wait to see what you create!

  19. Loving the colourful, cheerful kit that you've put together - it's the perfect 'bridge' between summer and autumn.

  20. What a gorgeous kit!!! I love it Lisa!!


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