Saturday, 4 August 2018

August Counterfeit Kit Challenge - Forgery on the Fourth

Welcome to Forgery on the Fourth for Counterfeit Kit Challenge in August where we are inspired by the Cocoa Daisy Twinkling of the Tea July kit/s.

You can find my kit reveal here and you might have spotted the two items I decided to pick out and counterfeit this month - the hexagonal chipboard shapes and the hexagonal paper. Don't forget to check out the other forgeries on offer this month at the CKC blog and share with us if you come up with your own ideas (links at the end)

First up, I picked out my two small hexagon dies and a bunch of small pattern prints from my scrap container to use in my Big Shot.

It took about 10-15 mins to cut out all too this pile - I tried to make sure that each shape had something interesting right in the centre.

I also cut a bunch of chipboard hexagons using the cardboard back page of a notebook. It's thicker than cardstock but not as thick as grungeboard or similar.

I ran the chipboard through my Xryon mini sticker maker so that are all sticky - seemed like the perfect solution rather than a mucky glue stick! Although of course, that would work perfectly! It's just I'm not really good at not getting glue all over myself.

And voila! Small hexagons stuck onto the chipboard as well as a larger one. And I've left the chipboard in the Xyron backing paper so that I can just stick them together as and when I need according to what I want on my project.

Next up was the hexagon designed paper. I picked out some scraps in the colours of the original Cocoa Daisy paper - yellow, orange, pink, red and green.

I took the larger die and again, took about 10 minutes to cut out a bunch of shapes using the Big Shot.

I added a small amount of adhesive in the centre of each hexagon and then applied them to a sheet of white cardstock (which I cut down to 8.5x12"). The original had a white border so I added them in this way too which certainly gave me a little wiggle room and seems easier than if I had put them all directly next to each other.

At this point, it looks a lot like the original sheet of paper but I wanted to take it a step further.

I then stitched over every single of the hexagons - close to the edge. I considered adding the stitching in the white space but decided that I wanted the look of the white stitches on top of each of the designs. I was absolutely inspired by Clair's wonderful paper patchwork cards here that she showcased in her {Killing Kits Series}. She made me realise that the detail this adds to your project is worth the time it takes. This sheet took me about 30 minutes to stitch which might sound a long time for just a small piece of paper but the effect it has makes me happy! My only tip would be is to get your tension right and go SLOW!

I then just trimmed off all the loose threads and tidied up the edges. I am over the moon with this! I love it and don't know if I'll be using it as a piece on top of the 12x12 white cardstock or maybe cut it down for cards or mats.

And there you go - two unique elements for my kit that I love. Yes, it took a little time but it was worth it!

Why not have a go yourself?

Just a reminder that we love it when you are inspired by our kits, forgeries, makes and shares so if you have a go yourself, make sure you link up either on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog here or in our Counterfeit Kit Challenge Facebook community here.

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  1. Great job! I can definitely do the chipboard pieces but not the paper, well at least not the stitching part; too intimidating for me! Yikes! But I can't sew at all so... yeah... not gonna happen, LOL BTW - I get glue all over me also...and all over my projects (ugh!)#clumsy!


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