Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Counterfeit Kit Challenge August kit reveal blog hop

It's 1st August which can only mean one thing - it's the Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit reveal blog hop and I'm excited to get going this month.

Hopefully you've reached me via Leslie and her blue box here and next up on the hop you need to go along to Tina here who always has fabulously large kits! And of course, you have to check out our wonderful Guest Designer Doreen at the beginning of the hop - excited to have her on board with us this month! In fact, just make sure you hop along to everyone so that you don't miss out on any of the gorgeous kits this month. We are surely still celebrating summer with our creations! (Full blog hop list at the end of this post.)

Master Forger Cindy picked out our kit for August and decided on the gorgeous Twinkling of the Tea from Cocoa Daisy July 2018 kits.  I particularly loved the colour scheme with the yellows, oranges and greens and the overall fresh feel of the products. So pretty. Here it is:

Now, even though I loved those colours, I knew I would have a bit of a problem matching a lot of the elements of the kit because I don't have much of those three main shades in my own stash. So I looked at the core ideas that jumped out at me when I looked at the selection: spots, floral, woodgrain, hexagons, words, fresh and summery.

And then I picked out papers that sort of matched the feel of each piece of paper followed by embellishments and alphas that were inspired by the original. We are hot hot hot over here in Europe right now so it seemed appropriate to call my kit, "Heatwave"!

Here you can see that I matched up the floral, a small red print, woodgrain (reinterpreted), yellow print, wordy design, geometric, large spots and a paper that featured green (more aqua in my kit). I also added in two hexagonal designs - more on that later.

Then I added in embellishments - black alpha, black words, grey small letter stickers, black clips, hexagonal chipboard pieces, black and white ribbon and die cuts.

Of course, I added in more items because I need the variety and I just went with things that caught my eye as I moved around my scrap space.

My selection of die cuts consist of a whole mixed handful that I found as I rummaged around in my die cut container. There's no real theme running through them - I just picked out golds, words, brights and florals that I liked.

At the last minute, I grabbed a whole back of leaf/flower/butterfly die cuts and added them in too. They are all new and I hope I'm inspired to use some up!

You need to come back on the 4th because I'll have two easy forgeries that I snuck into my kit (I'm sure you noticed!)

Thanks so much for dropping by and here's the full list so that you don't miss any of the inspiration.

Don't forget to share your kits and projects! We love love love to see what you make with the kits we pick out for you!

If you have a go yourself, make sure you link up either on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog here or in our Counterfeit Kit Challenge Facebook community here.


  1. An interesting but beautiful twist on the original kit.Looks like it will be good to use.

  2. Love your take on the kit - it has that Lisa look for sure. Enjoy.

  3. Lovely kit and a good name for it too :) I seen the hexagon die cuts thinking that was one of the forgeries didn't spy the other one yet :)

  4. Beautiful kit, Your chevron paper is awesome and really like the addition of the beaded pins.
    Cindy F

  5. Lots of lovely in there but I'm particularly captivated by the "woodgrain reinterpreted" paper. Giggled at the gold & pink tucked in the mix :D Intrigued by what these pages will look like!

  6. Trusty hexagon punch and some top-stitching...voila! A paper quilt. Your version of the kit shows us how you can "make it your own." Softer shades and a some pinks mixed with peaches, and one splash of orange to ring true to the original. Excellent job.

  7. Fun kit! Love your interpretation of "wood grain" LOL I love seeing your kit because it helps confirm that you don't need to match the original exactly, you just need to take inspiration from it...which is something I kept trying to remind myself while I stressed out putting mine together, LOL Looking forward to your creations!

  8. I'm coming over to steal your kit!

  9. Awesome kit, Lisa! great colors and patterns.

  10. Love all those gorgeous diecuts! I like that you interpreted the kit to include colors that you have and items that you prefer to use...that woodgrain piece that you included is especially lovely!

  11. Wow! You have so much pretty in this kit!!


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