Thursday, 10 May 2012

Doily envelopes

I'm not a big one for creating my own embellishments. In my Counterfeit kits, I tend to just try to match the type of embellishment rather than creating something - I'm lazy like that.

But this month's Versailles kit from Studio Calico (see my post all about my kit here) featured some really gorgeous little envelopes (and notecards) from Martha Stewart that I thought were adorable but didn't have anything like it. And so I decided to give it a go.

I made two different types so this is a photo heavy post as the principle is really quite simple but easier to show than to tell. And if I can make them, anyone can :-)

1. I started by making a real doily envelope using a rectangular cake doily

2. Cut the doily in half and turn it over so that the backside of the doily is facing you (usually the non-shiny side)

 3. Turn it so that it looks like a diamond to help you get the folds right

4. Take the bottom point first and bring it up to the edge of the cut part as shown - I needed to try this a few times before I realised the folding proportions.

 5. Then using the lines on your cutting mat as a guide, bring the right point to the middle of the first folded section - there will only be a very small overlap.

6. Again using the lines on the cutting mat to help you get straight folds, bring the remaining left hand point into the center. As you can see on mine, this point is the uncut corner of the doily making the centre of the envelope neat, tidy and all doily.

7. Now you can fold the top down to form the envelope flap

8. Apply a very thin line of glue on the underneath of the right hand folded section...

9. And also the left hand folded section ..

10. And carefully press them down on top of each other. Just pop your hand inside the envelope to make sure nothing sticks to the back inside. And there is a pretty little pocket for notes, journalling, confetti or just as decoration. Once I had the concept thought out, these little envelopes took me about 3 minutes each. I want to experiment with different doilies if I can track them down :-)

1. Then I decided to give a solid paper envelope a go. I started by finding a small standard envelope the size I wanted to copy. I carefully unglued it so that I could use this as a template. I had some heavy duty printing card (not as heavy as cardstock but much heavier than your usual printer paper) and used the template to cut out an envelope base. My card is a lovely crisp white but I think you could experiment with all sorts of different papers

2. Again using the template as a guide, I made sure the creases were scored

3. And folded everything up to check that the envelope looked ok

4. I then used my cropadile to punch some large and small holes around the closing flap. I did this really quick and it certainly isn't perfect but I think you could create some beautiful effects if you put more thought into it

5. I hand cut around the top row of holes to give it a scallop edge

6. And glued it together to give me my MS counterfeit envelope! I didn't worry about making cards but I suppose I could have made some pretty matching edged cards too

7. I also made a second one and lined the folding flap with cardstock so that the colour would show through the holes. This was far less successful but only because I was rushing!

Quick and easy. Why not give one or both of these ideas a go. I have already used one of my doily envelopes on a layout to house some personal journalling. I love the fact the cutwork gives the hint of what is inside.

Now, if I can do it, I know that you can!


  1. Thank you so much, I can't wait to give these a go, I really like this so much .. Just do pretty

  2. Brilliant counterfeiting Lisa

  3. how sweet! Need to get some of those rectangular doilies. Thanks for the tutorial with all of the great pics!

  4. Fiendishly clever! I was just admiring the MS ones the other day and wondering how to get hold of some. Now I know what the answer is

  5. Oh, nicely done on the envies. And I love that sweet page too.

  6. Genius counterfeiting. So pretty!

  7. Lovely idea, thanks for the tutorial!

  8. What a GREAT tutorial! I love it!


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