Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Finishing up kits

LOAD uses stash. Full stop. Counterfeit Kit Challenge uses stash. Full stop.

Combine the two and you have a whole load (no pun intended) of stash being used up. Insert *SMILE* here!

So far this month, I've made more than 20 of my daily layouts for LOAD using my March, April or May Counterfeit kits and it's way too much work to calculate just how much that is, but I'm sure you can imagine all that stash, cut up, glued down and used up.

So over the next week or so, I thought I'd share some of those daily layouts with you to show you how versatile these kits can be.

Starting off with March's Soothe kit.

I've already shared a grand total of 8 layouts from this kit with you but I have three more. I am amazed that I managed to get so many layouts from one single kit - especially one with such a limited colour scheme. I did add in more cardstock towards the end and if I'd tried really hard, I'm sure I could have squeezed one more out (I had included a 6x6 BasicGrey pad that was still quite full) but there IS a limit!

As I dipped into it over the last few weeks, I noticed one or two things being left out again and again and as I dismantled the kit, these went into my recycling bag for my niece who is 4 and delighted to be able to play with pretty paper!

The one thing that disturbs me at the end of the kits is usually the alphabet and this was no different. The clumsy adaptation of letters on this layout bothers me but the layout itself is one I like so I'm going to have to try to ignore those dodgy letters! Do you ever rework layouts? Can you past things like this?

Then there was one bright piece of cardstock left and I challenged myself to use it. It's less orange IRL and the contrast of the blue and metal against it works quite well but these bright backgrounds are less my thing these days. I like the way that the kits help me to really pin down what works for me and what doesn't but as long as I have a whole holder full of coloured cardstock, I'm going to have to work my way through it.

And here's one from back at the beginning of May that I'd made for Whimsical Musings #37 which was to be inspired by questionnaires. I had found this list of prompt words online and they seemed perfect for my 24 hours at the beach which was just what I'd needed.

While these three layouts are similar in tone, I think that the kit proved incredibly versatile at giving me different looks and feels to the layouts I created. I would never have imagined that I would have loved this kit as much as I did. But I did :-)

Have you had a kit that surprised you as much as this?


  1. I have had a kit that surprised me! The one I did to try this whole counterfeit kit challenge out. Wow! It was so fun. Now I worry that I won't be able to repeat the whole process and make another kit I love. But this is how I will scrap in the future. It works so so much better when I choose products than with the kits I used to subscribe on. I made one layout or so and then I split the kit. I have a hard time to use products if I feel that they don't match the way I want!
    And your layouts are great!
    I love how different layouts you can get from a kit like this.

  2. You have showcased the versatility of the kit wonderfully. I don't think I have ever made 11 layouts from a single kit - my attention span isn't that long, even after putting it away for awhile. On the topic of alphabets, I like the look of capitals and lower case mix in the same title, but personally I shy away from mixing fonts because I need more "training" in that area. I guess I should practice it, instead of just buying too many letter sets.

  3. This has so worked well for you. Truly amazing layouts

  4. Awesome intro and yay for using stash! Your "soothe" kit is gorgeous! (And I have to mention, we chatted about CKC a while back via email and I had a "doh" moment, thinking you were talking about the magazine. I realized shortly after the email, but kept forgetting to bring it up. No biggie.)

  5. Awesome intro, gorgeous "soothe" kit and as always, beautiful pages - yay for using stash!

  6. As you know, I am STILL, using my Counterfeit Kit from October 2011. The scraps from most of my other kits have ended up back in my stash or scrap piles, but I loved the combination of colours and patterns so much in that old kit that I've kept them all together! Glad to see that someone else hangs onto the last little bits of their kits too! x

  7. Heidi3:56 am

    So happy to have a chance to stop by and peruse some posts, Lisa... xoxo Heidi in Guelph

  8. Anonymous7:48 am

    i think all you need to do is straighten the last R and your yellow title will be fine. Glitter Girl's video this week is about the title dilemma when you run out of letters. I've not watched it yet.
    if I was in that position i would just count it as one of those times when you can add something new to your kit and use a different set of alphas. There are no rules in scrapbooking - especially when the 'rule' means you're not happy with what you create.


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