Saturday, 19 May 2012

Scrapbooking day challenge - late but done

You might remember our Scrapbook Day blog hop a few weeks ago {here}. There were some AWESOME challenges listed by my fellow forgers and I've been remiss in getting on board with some of them. BUT, it's not to say that I haven't written them all down and am intending on getting to them sooner or later ;-)

And this is exactly such a layout and the post that goes along with it. Sweet Libeeti encouraged us to get out our stamps and use them on our pages. I have to admit to being terrified of stamping on my layouts! I'm not a good stamper (don't practice enough) and am always worried that I will mess up. Not that I don't mess up in other ways on my pages but that's not the point. But Libeeti gave me a few ideas about how I could include some stamping while taking away the risk. Simple things like stamping an element on to paper or card and cutting it out before adding it to my page rather than stamping directly onto the layout itself. Doh! Light bulb moment!

Well, this month, I deliberately added some stamps into my Counterfeit kit, Whispers, in the hope that it would remind me to use them and hopefully be able to join in (if late) on Libeeti's challenge. While I'm doing LOAD this is the perfect time to participate in one or two that I missed first time around so I kept Libeeti's idea in the back of my head.

And here's the result:

Layout #5 from my kit (I'm blogging them completely out of date - sorry!)

I stamped a selection of leaf images using Tim Holtz Distress Ink - pumice stone onto kraft paper which gave it a subtle effect. And then I used those as part of my embellishment. Love the result and it was a great exercise for me to try out my stamping a bit. I think I stamped more than 10 images to get these five that were ok and not smudged, patchy or clumsy!

And there's that Starbuck's tissue paper again!

Don't feel that just because you are slow joining in on challenge that you give up on it. Whenever you see something you like the sound of, jot it down in your inspiration notebook and then make it when you have time. And don't forget to link up to where you saw the prompt - I know how wonderful it is when someone lets you know they had some fun trying out something you suggested. :-)

Thanks Libeeti for giving me that gentle nudge to give it a go. I adore my layout.


  1. It looks great! I WILL HAVE TO GIVE THIS ANOTHER GO. I used to do this but haven't in a while now!

  2. Great page Lisa, and I agree, its never too late to tackle a challenge - the fun will be there when you get to it.

  3. Oh, and I adore it too!
    My dear, you've done an excellent job here! Those leaves are so beautiful and they're the perfect touch on your lo.
    I also love the colors of your lo, they work so well together. The pennants and the string are so great here, and so is the tissue paper.
    I thank YOU for taking my challenge and going out of your comfort zone. Way to go!
    (So sorry I'n not visiting your blog more often. I'm in a hectic least I wish to thing it's only a period...)

  4. Gorgeous layout Lisa! I especially love the long title! Fantastic job on this one!

  5. It's very reassuring to hear of someone else who needs to stamp a lot before getting one she likes! I am making big efforts to stamp more on my pages, but sometimes I chicken out at the last minute in case it goes wrong.

    I love the colours on this page


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