Saturday, 26 May 2007

Catching up with photos

I have been taking the photos on a regular basis - not quite every day but almost - but just have not got round to downloading them and uploading them here. So, in an effort to catch up, here is the last two weeks:

Sunday 13th May

Just something I picked up off the ground and thought it was kind of interesting.

Monday 14th May

I still love the view from our window.

Tuesday 15th May

Wednesday 16th May

Playing around with colour and saturation in my photo editing - really like the effect.

Thursday 17th May

Friday 18th May

Roses, it does not get much better than that.

Saturday 19th May

Sunday 20th May

Fresh life - just everywhere.

Monday 21st May

Tuesday 22nd May

Wednesday 23rd May

Thursday 24th May

Friday 25th May

I treated myself to some fresh flowers for the long weekend - makes me happy.

Saturday 26th May

Again, trying out some of the editing options - changing the warmth of the colour and the saturation - I think this is a really nice result.

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