Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Pencil Lines

Yesterday I followed my first sketch (apart from those given to us on the AYTR class). I used the Pencil Lines sketch #38 and I have to admit, it was quite fun and went quite fast. It helped that I had a basic idea of where the photos should go and seeing the DT's efforts showed me how differently it could be interpreted. One of my biggest problems is choosing the photos - I will have to work on that and come up with a way of organising them all so that when I get the urge to create a layout, I can just reach for them rather than rummage through hundreds trying to get inspiration.
So I chose a couple of my recent Paris trip and it has given me the idea of continuing scrapping the Paris trip using the range of papers etc. Although I am a little concerned that it might be a bit busy as far as the patterns go - so I will need to go through some ideas in my head and come up with a plan.
Guess that is where the whole notebook, journal thing comes in which I do not really keep up with and never capture my ideas - need to take on some of these habits.
Enough rambling for one evening...


  1. ashley1:42 am

    Love the colors and patterned paper you used in this layout. I don't think they are too busy at all.

  2. Holy WOW stunning work of art! tfs!


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