Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Photo of the day

Not good quality photos - will need to continue to practise these bigger subjects more - I have been so focused on close-ups.
Sunday 3rd June

I did not go out on Sunday so needed to find a picture that I could take from the flat. I have taken so many of the lovely church and school opposite from my bedroom/living room window that I thought the view from the hall window might be more interesting. I love the view of this roof terrace - it looks such a green haven in the middle of town and with the black and white timber house in the background, I think it shows just how much variety there is here in town.

Monday 4th June

I think the bad (or not so good) side of the town should also be shown here. This monstrous building is unfortunately very prominent in our market square - a real sign of 60's planning gone wrong. It also happens to be the most unfriendly, un-customer oriented shop in town (my Karstadt rants are famous!) and therefore, it deserves a mention! Not a week goes by without experiencing a new low in terms of customer service in this shop - I could write a book. But it's the only department store we have in town so I find myself there all too often...

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