Saturday, 2 June 2007

Welcome to June!

I cannot quite believe that we are already here - where does the time go?

Last week I realised that I am already in the *2nd* half of my last year in my thirties! The 22nd May is my half birthday so it is less than 180 days to go. I am quite nervous about it but am really trying hard to stay focused and positive - my life will not be over when I hit 40, I know that. But will things change? Am I supposed to start feeling and acting my age? Will I begin to look much older all of a sudden? Of course the answer to all these questions is most probably not, but the fear is still there. On top of that, my thirties have just been so brilliant that it is hard to imagine my next decade living up to that. Well, the countdown has begun and there are quite a lot of things I want/need to do before *the* day so I will keep you updated!

On a lighter note, I have decided on my theme for Photo of the Day for June. Recklinghausen. I am so lucky to live in such a lovely little town here in Germany and am really quite proud of it. It has some very beautiful corners and there always seems to be a festival or celebration of some sort going on in the market square. A month of capturing the essence of this town is called for I think.

Friday 1st June

This is the Petrinum grammar school that we can see directly from our flat. I love the building, the trees and even the sounds of the kids during the day although I must admit that the peace of the summer holidays is nicer!

Saturday 2nd June

Sommerfest (Summer festival) in our street today. There are stalls outside each of the shops, bands and musicians every hundred metres or so, street theatre which is connected to the Ruhrfestspiele festival at the moment and just a general feeling of happiness and goodwill to all.

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