Saturday, 25 August 2007

Yukon, here we come!

At last, I am finally getting a bit excited about our trip out to the Yukon which starts on Monday!

For those who do not know the details, we will fly direct to Whitehorse and then follow the road round Yukon, into Alaska for a day, then back into Yukon and might even take the road north to the Arctic Circle 66° - so exciting! We are hoping for good bear viewing (but not up close) and good weather without too many mosquitoes but I am just most looking forward to being back in Canada and seeing this part of the world that we have been so interested to see for so long.

As I just managed to finalise my mega album for last year's Canada trip, I thought I would try to be a bit ahead of the game and produce a mini-album to take along with me so that I can complete some of the journaling while I am there, making notes about destinations each day, highlights, main events etc. I have also left space for a 6" x 4" photo each day and that might remain blank until I get back, or I could fill it with postcards (although I am not so sure that there will be many available) or I am considering buying, and taking with me, a mini-photo printer so that I could print them out there and then each day. I think that could be really fun. We would have to use photos from my cameras as Ralph only shoots in RAW whereas I want RAW and a JPG. That way, I could just put the card in each evening and chose the best photo of the day. It could become a good routine and the album would be completed before I even got home which is the best thing of all! Of course, a mega album will follow, but I got so frustrated that we had nothing to show people from Nova Scotia as we just had too many photos and I was too slow to scrap the highlights!

I made the album super simple: 6x6 cardstock with BasicGrey Infuse papers to decorate. A double page for each day with a small pocket which already has a small journaling sheet ready to be completed opposite an area for the aforementioned photo. There is an area for an introduction and reflection as well as some raised pockets at the back for larger ephemera that needs to be kept. I can expand the album when I get back if necessary with extra pages or inserts which makes it really flexible. I have also included two full journaling pages for whatever comes into my mind at the time. The journal starts on Monday which is when we will travel down to Frankfurt airport for early check-in before staying at the airport hotel which is a really nice start to the holiday, and ends on our travel back day, the morning of which, I am hoping to find time to check out the two scrapbook shops I tracked down in Whitehorse! Life is SO good. I used Infuse fibres on the book rings which are just gorgeous and I used almost the whole pack!

I can't wait to start filling it. What do you think?

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  1. Anonymous11:30 pm

    thankyou so much for all the work you put in on the kit - i have ordered all of it tonight! i decided agaunst the stamps as i hadnb't really thought about stamps and that would mean i would also need to think about inks, so i will leave it for a while (not long, just too many categories at the moment!). anyway i ordered enouigh to do 15 kits i think, and just need to get cardstock. then i will work out the value and prob keep a couple of items for add-ons. so when you get back you will need to get straight on doing your kit!!!!

    hope you are having a fab time, tell me what u r up to!



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