Thursday, 4 October 2007

Yes, I am still alive!

Yes, I got back safe and sound from the Yukon although it feels like a lifetime ago and since then, have just been on the run. We hit the ground running when we got back on 14th with Ralph going immediately into the office and then working the whole weekend. I travelled out to Birmingham the following weekend to catch up with my mum and my sister - more of that later - and the weekend just gone, I went to London with Manuela for a girlie weekend! It was her birthday present from back in the summer for her "special" birthday and I decided she needed more "pink" in her life so we had a lot of fun and plenty of pink champagne! But of course, it has felt a bit rushed and my work weeks have been pretty short as I travelled out both times on the Friday. And now this week is also a short one because tomorrow (3rd) is a Bank Holiday for Reunification Day and we are travelling to the south of Germany to visit one of Ralph's friends on Friday - it's all go, go, go!

I need to write up the trip from my notes and get all the stories down for when I finally get the photos sorted and printed out. Such a lot of work as there are nearly 6,000 photos in total if you add up my camera, Ralph's and Helga's. Don't worry, I will not be boring anyone with them! Ralph has been working through them and so far has reduced the number to around 2,000 I think. We will only be boring people with maybe the top 100 so never fear. But of the few that I have managed to see, there are some stunners. I will try to post a few as and when.

The Yukon was such a surprise for me and I fell in LOVE with the place. I mean head over heels. Really. It is such an incredible place, I just do not know how I will ever be able to put these feelings into words and explain to anyone just how fantastic it was and all the amazing, wonderful experiences we had while we were there. The place is BIG and EMPTY and I found this really hard to get my head around. I am a big city girl, and here in Europe, it is hard to find areas that are really, truly empty. But over there, it is hard to find people or habitation. Such a wild, incredible place - it truly exceeded my wildest expectations and I am sad that I will never really be able to share that with anyone outside Ralph, Helga and Wolfgang who experienced it all with me. Words and photos will never be enough.

I just looked up some statistics on Wikipedia and they blow your mind.

Total area:
Yukon - 482,443 square km
Germany - 357,021 square km
UK - 244,820 square km

Total population:
Yukon - 30,989
Germany - 82,797,408
UK - 60,587,300

Population density:
Yukon - 0.065 / sq km
Germany - 230 / sq km
UK - 246 / sq km

I love statistics like this!

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