Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Just wanted to share a bit of a new project I have been working on the last few days. Through my BPS Heidi Swapp class, I have got involved in a inspiration card swap. Using the 5x7" HS cards, we have all made 10 identical cards which will be distributed out to those in the group who are participating - so at the end, I will get 10 different cards. I like the idea of this and had such fun doing them. I did 14 in total - 10 for the group, 1 for HS, 1 for me, 1 for Lib and 1 for another friend. Anyway, I do not want to post the finished result up here yet - as they are all currently in the post and I would rather wait until they are delivered - but I want to share an element I made for them.

I have been really interested in the different ways of making flower embellishments - there are so many tutorials on the net and they are all so lovely in their own ways - but this one caught my eye in particular. I loved the way that the flowers were built up though several layers and I decided to make them for my inspiration cards. I wanted to add a bit of sparkle, so I also added two different glitters and because my paper was a little thick, I reduced the number of layers. I am so pleased with the result and hope that the recipients of my cards like them too.

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  1. ashley nyman (ashley015 from bps)2:07 am

    Love your flowers, you did a beautiful job. Wish I could have gotten one of your cards.. I bet I almost did though, I got names L-K. Can't wait to see the whole card!


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