Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Bambi Love

Creative business abounds in my little room and I am having a ball going back in time with Libby's Bambi, Shillings and Pence project kit.

Like I said in my last post, I received the basic embellishment set as I already had the papers, letters and stickers and I tell you, they just seem to go on forever! I have tried to use as many of the little embellishments as possible and I still have more!

This kit and the intended papers were crying out for some vintage pictures and this was so much fun. Have not done this before. Libby and I shared a virtual emotional moment last night looking at the photo in Grandma's Boys. This is my grandad as a small boy with his three brothers. It's amazing and also sad at the same time to think that this photo is more than 80 years old and these little boys with their whole life ahead of them are no longer with us. And looking into my grandad's face (2nd from left) I can see traces of my brothers and even little Cam. Tearing up now so need to move on.

Anyway, I found that my current favourite cardstock (kraft) is totally perfect for these projects because it does not over power the layout and offers a neutral background to these fabulous papers. Cut out the motives found in the design, cut strips, tear blocks, use it in chunks or just a tiny amount - these papers are so much more versatile than you think at first glance. Not my usual style but I have really enjoyed creating these.

I have one or two other photos to use with these papers and much as it pains me, then I think I might have to move onto something else!

I brought back so much stash from the UK and not a single sheet of it has been taken out (apart from the March Bellaboo kit and this one here) so it's about time I think.

Tomorrow is the 12th (AGAIN!) so it's time to check my camera is ready to go and the card is empty. This month makes a full year of 12s which is great. Interested? Click on the blinkie in the sidebar.


  1. Wow, you are being productive! Really love these pages, and they work so well on the Kraft card.
    Like the one with you, Libby and your Mom. Hmmn, so who really hasn't changed that much in the last 30 odd years? x

  2. Anonymous11:10 pm

    i think these are your best LOs, love them :)


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