Sunday, 8 March 2009

Bambi, Shillings & Pence

I have been alone this afternoon and decided to take the opportunity to work on the fantastic Bellaboo Bambi, Shillings & Pence canvas project kit. I was given the embellishment kit to work with as I had the papers already. A great idea of Libby's to offer the two sizes of kits.

I had this small frame from Ikea that has been hanging around just waiting for the right project and decided that this was the time. I had had the idea of creating a shadow box for such a long time and this was a great, small size to try it out for the first time. And I love it!

With the vintage elements, it seemed suitable to get out some very old photos (or rather scans of old photos) of our great grandmother and her boys (our grandad and great uncles) and got to business cutting, sticking and layering. I love the way I could get some real dimension off the back board of the frame, then another layer under the glass and then yet another on the outside of the frame itself.

There is so much in this kit that it was such fun to try and use as many of the individual pieces as possible in this one project. There is a length of lace and one of the braids not used but I was interested to see just how many individual items I really could incorporate. The papers, one of the stickers, buttons, pins, white lace, sage lace, felt, embroidery thread, vintage braid and vintage price tickets! And all in a space only 5.5" square. This was really quite a challenge for me but that is what I love to do with the work I do for Bellaboo. To really push myself and to try out some techniques that I would not normally do - due to complexity or maybe the time it takes for example.

I am trying to decide what else to do with the leftovers (so much I am sure I could do several projects). Maybe a little mini-book, or a layout or two. I also have the idea of a banner - you know how I love a banner! Any other ideas?

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  1. Anonymous8:34 pm

    I really love this, so different from the more predictable (as in mine!) projects using this range. Love it!


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