Monday, 23 March 2009

It's Monday...

Which means back to work, although at the moment, I am feeling a bit unmotivated!

The weekends seem to go by so fast and I am sure we have it the wrong way around - we should be working for two days and then have a five day weekend!

However, today is a good day, today is Maddie's birthday - adorable, sweet, lovable Maddie is 5 years old today! Happy birthday sweetie!

So in celebration of this wonderful little girl, here is a layout I did about her in October last year - I think it has not yet been shown on the blog. Isn't she just adorable? Well, we think so!

And here is one I did yesterday, finishing off today (and slicing into my finger - ouch - in the process) about our littlest brother. He is most certainly not this little any more and I am trying to get some of the funny stories about the kids down while they are still relatively fresh in my mind. Ted has always been a funny little soul and there are really many many stories about him, about things he did or said, that I think I might be busy with that!

On a style note, I have noticed that when I am writing real journalling, explaining a situation or such like, the style of my layouts become much more simple and straight! Seems like I do not have just one style after all!

Have a great Monday and I will try to post again soon.


  1. Haha i remember when ralpd chucked ted in the water then we all stopped for a second and he didnt come up and shouted "omg he cant swim" haha!!

    Love the pic of maddie! :)

  2. Anonymous9:53 am

    love this LO and the story of ted!

  3. Anonymous9:54 am

    Love your LO of Maddie (I know I always start ym comments the same way, but I DO love them all!). I love the papers and colours, what are they? And yes she is mad and beautiful.


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