Friday, 29 May 2009

Yet another class

I know that I have told you that I am addicted to classes. And I know that I have told you that I am a huge fan of Cathy Z. So if you put them together, you get a fantastic online Cathy Z class over at BPS that is just so much fun because it is totally different from what I would normally do.

I am not a digital scrapper. It's unlikely that I will ever be. But the whole digi side of things is very interesting and I really want to improve my photo editing skills and incorporate a bit of hybrid into the process. Added to this is the fact that digital pages using templates and simple Cathy Z styles are incredibly quick to complete.

The class is based around using Twitter or Facebook. I decided that Twitter is enough of a commitment for me and set off on a new journey using Photoshop Elements to create some pages for a mini album designed in the class. 140 characters of text, a date and a small cropped picture printed out and mounted onto gorgeous pink cardstock. What could be easier? Pop it all into a mini album by AC and cover it in wonderfully quirky BG and it's all but done and dusted!

I love it.

I have completed a few pages but as I have only been tweeting since the beginning of the month, I am going to continue this throughout the year.

As part of this week, a digital template was provided for a layout that could become more or less of a digital page. Mine ended up without any PP at all, just three small maple leaf brads in the bottom corner as embellishments and mounted onto cardstock. While I love the layout, love the speed (I think it took me about 45 mins including finding pictures and working out how to get the larger size printed ok) and the simple style, I know that I will not be converted to this style of scrapping in any major way.

I love to get mixed up with a dozen different papers on the desk, ribbons and buttons and all sorts of bit and pieces. This seemed just too clean! But it's never wrong to try out something new and see if it fits.

It's now officially weekend for me and a long one at that (Monday is Whit Monday) so here's to some fantastic sunshine to take away my holiday blues!

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