Friday, 4 September 2009

But wait, there's more...

Yes, I sound like some sort of TV shopping channel. And yes, there is a reason for this.

Are you ready for my dirty little secret?

I have recently become addicted to watching anything up to 30 minutes a day of Jewelo which is a German TV jewellery shopping channel. Now I don't want to offend anyone, but they really sell a pile of rubbish and I have NEVER been tempted to ring in. But somehow, it is fascinating to sit there and watch these hideous pieces of low quality jewellery selling like hotcakes! You just can't seem to switch away from the channel. And the presenters are kind of special too. It makes me giggle and let's face it, the entertainment factor is most definitely worth it.

But back to my crafting. Here are projects 11 through 34. I made a batch of cards by rifling through my enormous scraps boxes for pieces of cardstock large enough and pretty papers to pretty them up. I have cards for every eventuality now. I wouldn't say that I am any good at making cards. I lack ideas for the small surface, but I think it's great to have a batch ready to go whenever I need them. I also made a cute little gift box and three layouts. (Two featured here).

I'm surprising myself with the speed of the output but like I said before, guilt is a good motivator. I found another 4 untouched pre-Bellaboo kits today - and one of them I don't even like very much.

Now, that is a waste of money. But using them up in bits and pieces is appeasing this guilty conscience I have developed recently.

Is anyone out there also doing the challenge?


  1. Lovely layouts, I love the idea of documenting the year like that. And, well done you, keeping up with your challenge.

    The idea of you finding unused stash has really made me laugh... keep searching, lol

  2. Anonymous10:39 am

    keep them coming you are doing so well with your challenge! wish I could make a pile of cards like that they could be so useful! I look forward to receiving one in the next fortnight?!


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