Monday, 21 September 2009

The end is in sight ... or is it?

I proudly present to you #'s 44 & 45 on my romp to the end of Challenge 50!

I had a total toddler tantrum last week (I put it down to hormones but this excuse is most definitely getting thin) when I dropped a dirty knife on the floor. I totally flipped out and shouted about how I hated the whole housework thing and was sick and tired of constantly doing the same things over and over and over again. It was totally childish and unreasonable but it made its way to the first of these layouts.

I remember reading someone's blog where they said that they love scrapbooking because it's the one thing in their life that "stays done". This struck such a chord! So much of what we do is undone the moment we complete it. Dirty clothes, ironing, washing up, even cooking. And I drop things - a lot. I mean, much more than normal. And I get so tired of bending down to pick things up off the floor, only to drop it as I stand up and then bending down again to try to pick it up yet again (you get the never ending cycle idea here!). Sometimes it's like watching a Laurel and Hardy film.

I dream of being the perfect housewife à la Martha Stewart (which is an unreal expectation I know - she has staff!) or Bree from Desperate Housewives (and she's NOT real!) but come up quite short on that. Most of the time, it's really not so bad for me. I like to see the end result even if I know that it will be *undone* within minutes. But you know how it is some days. Please tell me that you have flip out days too!

Anyway, another everyday real moment recorded for posterity.

This challenge thing is being so good for me. Like previously posted, I have discovered and rediscovered a (n embarrassing) wealth of papers, cardstock, embellies, kits and so much more, It has been fun to find these and to actually USE them!

I have done a lot of sorting over the last days, throwing some papers out, reorganising some of my stash, seeing *new* papers and ranges to use. I have been enjoying looking at my finished results and feeling proud of how quickly these (nearly) 50 items have been completed. I really think I will extend this.

Anyone out there also doing this?

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  1. you're doing so well in your challenge... flip out days - of course. And I definately have an inner-Bree, and storage issues, and delusions of grandeur, lol. But, I know and understand this, so it makes it ok...


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