Tuesday, 15 September 2009

No, it can't really be. Can it?

Can it really be the middle of September already? Actually, yes it can because when I got up this morning, the calendar told me it was . And I believe it. Calendars are generally incapable of lying. Of course, I might have slipped (once again) into a parallel universe where time is twice as fast as that on earth but the chances of this are slim.

How scary is it that we are heading to the end of September? I mean I opened my eyes yesterday and it was 1st Jan. Where did those last months go? Did you know that it's only 98 days till Christmas? Yep, thought that would freak you out. Christmas things are creeping into the shops already and I bet you in the Philippines they are already wishing each other "Merry Christmas" (it was a competition who would be the first to say it in September. You get a full 3 1/2 months of build up over there...)

But I did manage to slow down time a tinsy winsy little bit on Saturday to remember that it was the 12th and another month is recorded in my 12 on 12 album. What amused me though is that I am really confused with the dates right now - tied up with this faster than reality passing of time - and I actually had the title as Aug 09. Then I looked at it and thought that it was a bit autumnal for August and realised that the reason it had an autumnal feel was because it really IS autumn! And that I was a month out in my calculations! So oranges and browns and pumpkins and spiders' webs are all featured. (#42 in my Challenge 50)

We are still enjoying life in Balconia and are planning to keep the outdoor season going as long as possible because it is such a novelty for us.

PS. Have I told you that I LOVE autumn? You *may* not have noticed that the majority of my layouts are probably about this season ;-) but it is!

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