Friday, 8 January 2010

Remember this?



Well, I am well-known for not seeing through projects I start. But this one is one of the exceptions.

Each month throughout last year I spent time looking at the pretty picture I had picked out from the year before. Then when the month was over, I chose three photos to sum up what had happened and wrote a few notes about what had gone on including memorable dates (weekends away, celebrations etc). Hey presto! 12 months later, I have a mini reminder of what happened in 2009 including highlight photos. Add a book ring, some ribbons and a label and I have a completed project. 2009 remembered.

Will I make a more complete review of the year? Maybe but probably not.

I might just move on to yet another unfinished project: my goals box....

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  1. That is such a lovely album, just a bit of planning and forethought, and, hey presto! the whole year, in one place.

    you are getting so ahead, it's scary! keep up the motivation


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