Sunday, 17 January 2010

Yes, I can do this...

Scrapping, that is.

After many, many weeks of creative still stand, I seem to have it back. My creative mojo. Missing for such a long time.

Inspired by lovely new papers, time spent with Libby, time spent with other creative peeps, the determination to make the time and to push myself.

I am very much a stop-start sort of scrapper. Sometimes, I am driven to be an ├╝ber-achiever, pushing myself to churn out the pages. Use up my stash. Fill up my albums. Make myself feel better for all this stash I surround myself with. Give myself goals. And then it's like I just hibernate for a time. At those times, I try to do this 15 minute at a time rule. You know, just work for 15 minutes and it's amazing how much you can achieve. I do this for all other types of work. But it doesn't work for my scrapping. I read again and again: spend 15 minutes choosing a story, another 15 minutes picking out the photo, 15 minutes selecting the products, and then put it all together. Nice theory, just not for me.

Anyway, to cut a long story short. I am in a "making things" phase right now. I am creating pages, finishing projects, using up stash. And I feel goooood!

This is what I have achieved recently. Stories told. Photos used. Memories preserved. Job done!

(sketch provided by Deb at Libby's Bromsgrove crop)

(sketch used from Page Maps)

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  1. "make time" that's what jumped out at me. Sometimes we just have to do that, and sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to do the things we enjoy. Scrapbooking can be seen, by others, and sometimes ourselves, as a frivolous time-wasting thing. But, so what? If it's what we want to do, if it's our hobby, then we shall make time...

    I managed a little scrapping time yesterday, and, inspired by you, scrapped a "thing" rather than a person or event. I'll try and blog it later, then you can see.

    Did you see that? Inspired by you...


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