Monday, 8 February 2010

Blogging Inspiration

The wonderful thing about blogging is that ideas get exchanged and each person has their own 'go to' blogs that feed their creative inspiration which are then shared and thus spread across the blogosphere.

This week is an example of that.

Deb has started blogging recently and left me a comment. (Hi there!). Checking out her adorable blog, I found this post where she talks about an inspiration board challenge over at Melissa Phillips' blog (LilyBean's Paperie) based on photos in this post over at a creative mint. I was delighted at the combination of reds, creams, beiges and scrumptious vintage goodies and was overwhelmed by projects created out of this inspiration.

I have a couple of my own inspiration sites bookmarked such as Creature ComfortsSnippets & Ink and Write. Click. Scrapbook. Tumblr which are wonderful and gorgeous and a joy to look at, but here was a different approach. Not just look and marvel, but bring together your own collection based on the inspiration and then have fun creating.

And then this post at a creative mint took my breath away. Pink Whispers. Just the name is enough to make me swoon - and then there was this:
I'm not exaggerating when I say that I gasped with love. These are my colours. These shades of pink are what my dreams are made of. The touches of yellow and green complementing the most perfect pink I ever saw. And all of that teamed with white - pure, fresh white. This is honestly one of the most beautiful collection of images I have ever seen. 

Not to mention the stunning photographs making me realise what a long way I have to go to reach the photographic goals I have in my head.

So, pushing feelings of immense inadequacy out of my head, I have shopped my stash and come up with a Pink Whispers kit of my own. (These short days and long nights make for really horrible photos but it's late and all I can manage right now - I need to fix up a better light for such photos)

I can't wait to get to use it tomorrow for my LOAD layout. Thanks Deb, for sharing, for inspiring, for dropping by.

What is inspiring you today?


  1. Isn't it divine this will be my Inspirational Photo Challenge for this week.I love your Pink Whispers kit you've put together.I lurve the colours and have got loads of ideas running through my head (I won't be able to sleep tonight).
    I'm really pleased that you liked my new blog and thanks for the tag.

  2. Anonymous12:04 am

    wow these photos are truly gorgeous and i love the concept too. that photo on deb's blog really inspired me. in my head anyway, i haven't yethad time to get my own goodies together in that way. but i will aim for this tomorrow!

  3. such a good idea. Love your "shopping", and will have a look at those links when I have a bit more time...


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