Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Feedback needed

Another Pink Whisper layout. I love the layout itself. I love the pinks and whites and mix of papers. I like the title, but I am not satisfied with the journalling.

The journalling is important. I want it featured. But it somehow looks wrong. Why? Is it in the wrong place and if so, where should it go? Is it the black ink and if so, what should I use? Is it the handwriting and if so, should I try printing it in grey or something? What do you think - honestly. Let me know!

LOAD - February 10th 

On a more positive note, today is Wednesday! Have a happy Hump Day and enjoy the slide down to the end of the week!


  1. That's a lovely layout, and, perhaps if you want to be really picky... then, perhaps I can see what you mean...(but it is lovely as is...) My first thought, odd as it may seem, could be to put a layer of vellum over it, to soften it down, and give an almost ethereal feeling...

  2. It's a beautiful page. I think the black ink is okay since it's close to your dark hair in the picture. But the vellum might be worth a look-see.


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