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Earth Day blog hop

This is the second post on my blog today - yeah, I know, I don't blog for ages and ages and then there's two on one day! - so if you'd like to check out the post I have here for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge mini challenge #2, please scroll down to the next entry (here:-)

But this is my contribution to the Earth Day bloghop organised by Danielle over at EcoScrapbook so WELCOME!

If you've arrived here from Zaira, you are on the right track but if you've landed here directly, you might want to pop back to Danielle's blog to start at the beginning. I happen to know that there *might* be a prize to be won along the way so be sure to visit us all!

I started off thinking about what Earth Day means to me and how I try to be kind to the Earth on a day to day basis.

Living here in Germany, we do a LOT of recycling which has become really important to me. It takes a bit of time to do and you need to think about it all the time when you are dealing with rubbish but it has become second nature to me.

This, for example, is just a snap of some of the recycling we do in our household:

We have two rubbish bins - one for normal rubbish and one for what we call "yellow" bag rubbish which is basically any product featuring the green point/or the recycling symbol.

Practically all the packaging that comes into our house goes in there. Then there's glass bottles which will go to the bottle bank, paper which will be thrown into the paper rubbish bin outside, corks that I return to the wine shop and batteries which can be dropped into battery recycling boxes in almost any shop or public building. There's also a big bag there full of plastic drinks bottles which are either one way or multi-way deposit bottles. Anything up to €0.25 per bottle which of course is an incentive to take them back to the shop. Most drinks are purchased in returnable bottles and crates whether it's glass or plastic and that was possibly the biggest thing to get used to - all those bottles hanging around and needing to be collected and taken back. But after a while anything becomes second nature.

We also have organic rubbish bins outside (garden or kitchen waste) and anything such as light bulbs or cables or electrical trash has to be returned to the city tip where we have to then pay to get rid of it! But if you throw it in the regular trash bins outside you might be fined if the collectors see it - again, it's all about the incentive, whether negative or positive!

We also have textile or clothing recycling, car batteries, metal and all sorts of other items. When you go to the city tip, you have to tell them what you have and they tell you which container you have to use and what you have to pay for the privilege. Rubbish is expensive over here but that helps you to realise the value (negative) of rubbish and how we must find a way to recycle as much as possible.

Different bins, different items.

I feel so virtuous when I go through the motions of separating out all these different items and feel like I'm helping the Earth just a little bit :-)

But how about from the scrapbooking side of things? Well, I'm learning. And I'm learning a LOT from Danielle. I had never really thought about it before "meeting" her even though I've always made sure that the waste I generate in my scrap room gets recycled as above. But since I have, I find myself thinking about it more and more.

Today I even found myself purchasing some eco-friendly tape - who knew? I love that these things are becoming more and more prominent and I thought of Danielle and how she would approve when I picked this up today!

And my wonderful friend Pam helps me to see my products in new and interesting ways, encouraging me in her challenges to me over at Whimsical Musings to use older products, to go greener and use my packaging in interesting ways. She is SO good at making that Prima packaging or the die-cut negatives look wonderful on the page - check out some of her cool layouts {here} or {here} for example.

And I'm going to leave you with two pages I created as part of one of her challenges for WM with the theme of "going green"

Almost everything on this layout is either packaging, repurposed products or non-scrapbooking items

And this layout features hearts cut out from a favourite pair of pj trousers that are worn out but that I loved too much to throw

It's good to take a moment to think about what we can do to support the Earth and green ideas. I'm looking forward to working my way through the hop to learn some new tips.

Your next stop on the hop is Jody (SpiegelMom Scraps!) and in case you need the full list of participants, here you go...

Danielle: EcoScrapbook 
Jules: Inspired Jules  
Mariah: Its Fun2Scrap 
Stephanie: Scrapworthy Lives 
Zaira: Hacer Scrapbooks (in Spanish, translation tool available) 
Lisa: Recklinghausen Musings   <---- You are here
Jody: SpiegelMom Scraps!    <---- Go here next

It would be lovely to hear what you do for the Earth and how you bring green ideas into this craft of ours. Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. Stellar pages, as usual, Lisa. But what I am really impressed with is the fact that you return corks to the wine merchant. You are my kind of gal!

  2. Anonymous3:50 pm

    It tends to be my daughters old clothes that end up on my LOs - some of the embroidery makes such cute embellishments - I also salvage buttons off old clothes.

  3. Plenty to think about there! I wish they would bring back bottles with deposits here - I used to love taking back any extra ones I found out and about and making a bit of extra pocket money!

  4. Very cool that you can recycle and return so many things where you are. I am also learning a lot of eco friendly products from Danielle. Lovely layouts.

  5. Love how you can do recycling so easily at home where you are... I wish we had more like this in South Africa.

  6. I absolutely love your "recycled" layouts! What an awesome idea and an awesome job! We recycle as well. I was so happy when our city finally got home pick up for recycle bins. It was too long in coming.

  7. Great tips! We're starting to separate more of our trash as well. It's made me realize how much we accumulate of certain items. Our used battery collection gets pretty large sometimes before I can drop them off at an appropriate place.

  8. I have been recycling for about two years now and it does get to be second nature after a while. Where I live in Canada, it is very "green" conscious and there is even two neighbourhoods that are going to be built in a "green" way.

    I like to use fabric from old clothing to make flowers and bounce dryer sheets to make my own flowers too.

  9. we are stationed in Germany and we recycle too...thought i seen the trash cans before lol but living here has made me think a lot about recycling i now pick products with less packaging. i really like your layouts! and the background to your page really cute! danke :) i think that's thank you lol i'm still learning.

  10. I've always enjoyed seeing your point of view from across the world. I wish we had easier options to recycle things like batteries and electrical supplies. I'm glad we are all able to learn from each other. Beautiful pages! Thanks for joining me in the blog hop!

  11. Lisa, it has been a pleasure meeting you through Ecoscrapbook and Danielle! Thank you so much for sharing all of your great ideas with us!!

    Your pages are so very pretty!! I love all of the beautiful detail!

    Thanks for visiting my blog; I appreciate your thoughtful comment, too!!

  12. You are a recycling queen! Our family recycles all paper, plastics & glass, which gets picked up with our weekly garbage. I also use a paper bag to recycle all my scrap of paper, cardboard, etc that I use while creating. I also recycle a lot of my packing into my projects. Love your tips & layouts!

  13. Wow! Great job with the recycling. And I love your layouts.

  14. I think your layouts turned amazing.

  15. Such an awesome post!!!!!

  16. I like how you've used different types of found items on your layouts.


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