Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Creating my counterfeited CHA items - hangers

Now aren't those little BasicGrey hangers so adorable? I know I'll be keeping my eyes open for it but in the meantime, I thought I'd give these a go too.

I used a few basic ingredients - some thin craft wire, a sheet of BG stickers and a few scraps of BG paper. I used Plumeria for these as that was first that came to hand!

First off was the hanger itself which I thought would be the hardest thing to master and the first thing to need to do. I promise I did this totally by eye and just grabbed the wire and a paintbrush and started bending, using the paintbrush to help my rounded corners. I started with the hook at the top, then down to the first bend and then the triangle form for the bottom of the hanger. The last bit was the trickiest - wrapping that last bit of wire around the hook to finish off the hanger end. I trimmed the end of the wire, squashed down the end so that it didn't have a sharp edge and that was it. Honest - about three minutes per hanger. And of course, they got better and easier as I went on. They are no way the same size but I decided I was ok with that. To judge the bottom "rung" of the hanger, I just eyeballed it next to the stickers and paper I had on the desk.

As you can see, it's not perfect but once you add the sticker and paper it's less noticeable.

I then layered up some papers, stickers, twine, stitching and generally copied what BG had done with the originals.

Again, I think I spent no longer than 30 minutes on these three hangers from start to finish! And these cost me pennies rather than what I'm sure is a more hefty price on the originals!

Having a go?!? Make sure you share if you do!


  1. Now, how clever is this? Again with the wire though, not something I have available at the moment. But I could see using the paper parts as flags on a banner.

  2. Using the paintbrush to keep the round was genius - the nice part is they don't have to be super-sturdy as they aren't actually supporting anything...

  3. What lovely hangers! You did an awesome job with these!!!

  4. These are amazing!

  5. Such pretty ways to use up little scrap pieces of paper and some of those stickers that always get left at the end of a collection pack. Definitely going to give this a whirl at some point. You made it look easy! x

  6. Love your hangers and they seem so easy to do the way you did them! I will definitely have to try this!

  7. Oh I want to try these. Yours are darling!!

  8. Your hangers are beautiful! Embellishment "counterfeiting" at it's best!

  9. I haven't seen this until now, they are so adorable! What a great idea. I love yours. I love the idea of craft wire. I would have tried paperclips but the craft wire is a much better idea!!! You rock!


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