Friday, 28 September 2012

Getting all negative

Negative space is right on trend at the moment so the latest Counterfeit Kit Challenge mini-challenge is perfectly timed.

"Use your negative space from a die cut or punch on your project" is what we were asked to do and I was going to bail out. And then my delightfully creative fellow Forger, S (check her out here) posted her project and I knew I just HAD to copy her! Ha ha!

She has made two beautiful cards so do go over to say hi and see them. So I decided to lift her idea of a card rather than a layout. And that got me remembering a card I'd made back in July when I was making daily cards with adorable Pam. We followed the prompts from 2Peas and one was particularly lovely and used the negative from a punched butterfly so I decided to lift myself lifting 2Peas. And then because S had made two cards, I thought why not and lifted that idea too! That's a whole lot of lifting right there! ;-)

Thanks S for the inspiration!

Here's my card from July that I originally made with Pam when we did a card (or almost a card) a day.

And here are the two cards I made for this challenge. I used my July CKC Beach-house kit and went for a more masculine colour schme and just a warm one. I admit to adding in the rub on sentiments and a length of white twine just to add that last touch but the rest is from the kit. And there's still more to make from it too!

So go get punching and don't forget to share over at the CKC blog!


  1. These are sweet cards! And I'm glad you joined in. Sweet of you to link back to me!

  2. I am hopeless at cards, and your design works so beautifully across all these colours and patterns that I will be taking inspiration from you. :)

  3. These are really pretty, which is just what I'd expect from you! How strange that so many of us went with cards instead of layouts - and all independently x

  4. totally remember this one. I liked mine too. I think we should do this again some day.

  5. Great cards.....nothing wrong with some inspired lifting!!!!

  6. These are so beautiful Lisa - I may have to lift them myself!


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