Friday, 23 March 2007

February Photos part 2

Sunday 11th February

Street sign - I was home in England this weekend, so I took a picture of my hometown sign and then another of my new home sign when I got back to Recklinghausen. I like the contrast in style of the two and how clear it is where each comes from!

Monday 12th February

Family photos - I have to confess that I cheated here because up to this point, all these photos were stuffed in a cupboard where they have been since before Christmas. But it was a good excuse to get them all out again and see how lovely they all are together.

Tuesday 13th February

The outside of our home - This one was more difficult - living in the centre of town, at the top of a four storey building it was difficult to decide how to represent the outside of the our home. In the end, I decided for the whole building and you can just see our little windows at the very top, in the roof. I thought it was important to show the shops around to represent the town environment we live in.

Wednesday 14th February

A yummy treat - Cadbury's of course - my haul from the recent trip to the UK.

Thursday 15th February

My comfy ... - I decided on my pyjamas because they are big and warm and really comfy but I think the photo is terrible and so boring!

Friday 16th February

A pile of ... whatever - Yes, this one was difficult because which pile to go for? We have so many. The pile of scrapbooking items in the middle of the living room won.

Saturday 17th February

Something colourful - Not so much colour around this place but my beautiful brooch was not such a difficult choice. I think the photo could be much better but I quite like the bit of sparkle that is coming from the stones.

Sunday 18th February

A sign or a billboard - It had to be "Potions" - I mean, who else has a neon sign in their living room dedicated just to them?

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