Friday, 23 March 2007

February Photos part 3

Monday 19th February

My scrap area ... right now - Total chaos and full of the most lovely stuff that I have no idea that I have because it is all jumbled up!

Tuesday 20th February

Our living room - This was lucky as I had just tidied up and it looks relatively good - spacious, clean, uncluttered. Just have to deal with those terrible cables!

Wednesday 21st February

Flowers or plants - I managed to capture the white rose from my Valentine's bouquet before it lost its perfection. The story of the white rose is for another time and place (!) but I love this photo.

Thursday February 22nd

Laundry - Mmmm .... how embarrassing is this one. My HUGE pile of ironing that never gets any smaller and is only the tip of the iceberg. Much of it is hidden away with clothes not seeing the light of day for months...

Friday 23rd February

Something we display in our home - We have a few collections going on in different parts of the flat but I thought that these bottles reflected very nicely and showed just how dangerous (and expensive) a flippant comment to Ralph can be!!!

Saturday 24th February

View from our front door - I had to decide if I wanted to choose the front door of the flat or the front door of the house. Again, the idea that we live in the centre of town is so nicely captured by the view from downstairs that I decided for this - the linen shop on the one corner, the hobby shop on the other and the curtain shop directly ahead. Very representative of old-fashioned Recklinghausen!

Sunday 25th February

Mode of transportation - I needed to take this photo on another day because I had to have one of the many trains I take during the week. Some of them are double decker, some small and modern and some, like this one, old and dirty! But they do their job and I am grateful for them.

Monday 26th February

Our bedroom - Love my bedroom! This is how I want it to look all the time, although it does slip into Hausmann chaos from time to time.

Tuesday 27th February

Calendar - On my kitchen wall where I always have one of the freebies from Good Food or Woman and Home. It's Woman and Home this year because the photos are just so beautiful - look at those gorgeous tulips!

Wednesday 28th February

Me - Hey, that is what I looked like on that day! Nothing spectacular but true.

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