Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Only 31 months late

I had started this little project waaaaaay back in 2007.

I just thought it would be interesting to make a few notes on the 30 days leading up to my 40th birthday and include some photos (30 to 40). Just a simple, little, easy project that would be done and dusted the day after my birthday - NOT!

I did, however, write the notes each day of those 30 days and I had also formed the basis of my album/mini-book, so all I needed to do this morning was to sort out the photos and then have some fun sticking them down and decorating them up a bit.

I had chosen Amy Butler which I still adore - such bright, gorgeous colours with sparkle and lots of embellishments (I had bought the whole range LOL) so this was easy in principle. Mostly a single page of notes/journalling with a photo on the back - one or two days have two - along with a some pretty paper and one or two embellishments. Date on the journalling page, countdown from 30 on the photo page.

It's done at last and I'm so pleased that it's finished. Tick!

Got unfinished projects on the table? Like to join in the challenge of getting them finished? Let me know and we can motivate each other!

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  1. Hi Lisa - I love your 30 to 40 mini-album! What a great idea for an album. I've got a daily December 2009 mini-album that I started and the lost momentum during the holidays, created all the pages and added photos and journaling to the first 10! I need to get inspired and finish it up before December gets here again! :>) MelissaTX from DD & Camp Scrap


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