Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Christmas Card Challenge!

Right back at the beginning of January, Deb starting blogging about her latest card challenge find - Jingle Belles. What a great concept - create a single card each week of the year and then, by next December, you will have a gorgeous pile of cards ready to go! Wow, I love this idea. In theory, I have time to make a card every week, right?

Well, it took me a few weeks to really decide to jump on board but by the time Deb had created her fourth card and I already had a vision in my head of the lovely, growing pile of cards that she had, I was hooked.

I want to say right here and now that I am NO card maker. I can't seem to get inspired by the small format and really struggle not to do the same old design that I always make but with the challenges each week, I am trying out new things. Actually, I think I will just copy Deb and hope that the talent sticks!

I caught up with the first four weeks and now have just managed to do this week's challenge.

Week 5 is to use a really simple but pretty sketch by Amy Tsuruta.

So here is my #5 based on the sketch:

This is #4 based on the colour scheme of dark pink, light pink and lime green:

And #3 which was to use paint. This is totally my least favourite so far but at least I made an effort to get out the paints (I'm usually far too lazy!). It seems to need something on the left but what?

Week #2 was to use inchies or twinchies (!) and it so happened that I had these little stickers that were 1" square - perfect!

And therefore this must be #1 which was something old, something new - the centre piece was recycled from a lovely Christmas card I received this year. It felt good to use it along with some pretty dots.

I know that I need a lot more practice but that is half the fun. I hope to get inspired by the others and I won't worry if I miss a week or ten! But I already have 5 cards ready for this year's festivities and I am using up some of the huge amount of Christmas stash that I seem to have accumulated. Much of this stash is old and I no longer love it as much as I did which is a shame so I am hoping to really get it used up in a new way.

Oh yes, and excuse the awful photos! Typical winter problem with a total lack of decent daylight!


  1. So glad you decided to join in with the challenge, isn't it a great idea,no stressing nearer Xmas. Thank you for your kind words,you're making me blush,lol. You say you're not a card maker but your cards are gorgeous,each one is different,which I like. I especially like the #5 card, I love the paper you've used and the cute image.
    Keep up the good work.

    Deb x

  2. oh ♥WOW♥!!! what a bumper crop of amazing and gorgeous holiday cards! you've done every single prompt so far...and they are all totally WONDERFUL! seriously, i could not be more impressed by either your efficiency OR your creativity! you do SUCH beautiful work! ♥♥♥

    (ps: i am going to have to *slightly* disagree with you on one point, however: you seem to think you're not a good cardmaker??!?! i just think you are WRONG about that, madame! and at this rate, by the end of the year, i think you are going to HAVE TO agree with me!) :) :) :)

  3. hmmmm...I mistakenly read that you weren't a card, yes you are:) I'm loving ALL of your Jingle Belle cards...soooo glad that you decided to make the jump and join in the fun...I tell you, we will all be celebrating big time in December because all of our cards will be a leisurely manner....gotta love that!

  4. So glad you decided to do this challenge,isn't it a great idea and no stessing out nearer Xmas. Thank you for your kind words,you're making me blush,lol.
    You say you're not card maker but these cards you have made are gorgeous, I love the fact that each one is so different. I especially like #5 card, I love the DP you've used and the cute little image.

    Deb x

  5. Anonymous11:32 pm

    wow i'm bvery impressed and very jealous that you're so organised! lovely cards!

  6. Wowza ... what a post full of holiday eye candy ... where do I even begin. I love that tiny light sleigh for this week's sketch ... and the combination of papers on the pink & green card is FAB-ulous ... and how about those adorable little inchies ... I agree with miss amy ... I do believe you are a card maker ... you rocked these challenges ... thanks for joining our jingle belles journey.

  7. It looks to me as though you are a cardmaker! And Christmas cards in February - that's fantastic.

  8. Your cards are wonderful. Each one of them is perfect for the challenge it was made for. I think you are doing a great job making cards.

  9. Each of your cards is fabulous. I love your take on them and give you kudos for stepping out of your card-box. Congrats on a job well done. And hope to enjoy the rest of the journey with you!

  10. This IS a great idea!! I love your cards Lisa, especially the inchies.

  11. I LOVE the cards, especially the second one. Isn't cardmaking an unexpected source of fun and accomplishment? That's what I've found out since I started making cards.

    I did check out the blog, but haven't made a Christmas card yet since I've gotten caught up with LOAD...I know that's not an excuse since you are doing LOAD too; just need to remember to add it to my to do list.


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