Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Singing all the way

Do you listen to Christmas music? Do you have a favourite? When do you start piping the Christmas tunes into your home?

If you're anything like me, the answers to these questions would be, "Oh yes! White Christmas as an all time number 1, but there are so many up there as faves. Not before November 1st but I'm usually pretty tired of it all by the time Boxing Day comes along!"

I have 520 holiday songs in my iTunes library which is a bit scary! But many many of them are the same song by different artists and there are a few albums in there I don't listen to much any more. And there's LOTS of swing/Rat Pack type Christmas hits which I love!

So when Jingle Belles challenged us this week to make a card featuring our favourite Christmas song, it was so difficult to choose which one. An all white card for White Christmas, something more traditional for Peace on Earth (of course the Bowie/Crosby version) or something funky for one of my Elvis tracks?

In the end, I took the easy option and found a ready printed Cosmo card that I built my card around.

I have to admit though that the Phil Spector version of a A Winter Wonderland is also up there in my top 20 (as is the whole album - my top 20 has WAY more than 20!). It takes me back to being a child, waiting for Father Christmas to come along and fill my sack.

What memories do Christmas tunes bring up for you?


  1. Wonderful card Lisa! I like the quiet colors and that ribbon looks fantastic!

    As for me, my all time favorite Christmas song is Silver Bells. Winter Wonderland is a very close 2nd! I listen to Christmas music all throughout the year. I love it and sometimes just need to hear it :) Just today my daughter and I were listening to Mariah Careys Christmas album.

  2. That one takes me back to my childhood too. My Mum used to sing it in the car on the way back from Christmas trips to my Grandparents

  3. ooooo! I LOVE this vintage card, so pretty! :)

  4. I'm chuckling at how similar our Xmas music tastes & logistics are! Phil spector's album is indeed in my top 20 & yes please I'll need at least 50 songs in my top 20!!!

    Something else high on my list of FABULOUS Xmas things is this lively & amazing card! As usual you've rocked it missus!!! :)

  5. Love this card Lisa! I can't say I have a favourite song because I love so many of them :)

  6. Okay ... off to add Phil Spector to my huge Christmas song library ... love these wonderful neutral colors in your card ... so glad you went caroling with us at jingle belles.

  7. Wonderful card, Lisa. That is one of my fave songs too, the kids use to sing it at Christmas for the school concert ,when they were younger.xxxx

  8. Your card is beautiful! Love the colors and design. Absolutely beautiful! My oldest granddaughter has already started singing Christmas carols. Maybe she thinks it will make the hot weather go away! LOL!

  9. Love the look of this card with the big bold text. Christmas songs remind me of my childhood and my father mostly. He's the music lover of the family and still collects favorite, a green record, "Happy Xmas" by John Lennon.


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