Monday, 3 October 2011

And one last one

Just sharing one last layout from my September Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit, Departing Summer.

It's day three over at LOAD and the prompt today was to record a tradition. While I had loads and loads of different ideas for different traditions to record, these photos were pretty much on top of the pile and so, this was the one I chose. 

I didn't have much paper left in the kit and decided to just to use what I had and make it work. I think I'll go back and add in the years to give the three photos some context.

Layout #7
I might make a few cards now with the papers and cardstock that's left and then call it a day. But 7 layouts one of which was a double is a good result for me and I feel I can move onto the new kit with a clear (!!) conscience!

The next kit has been made up and is ready to roll which is so exciting now that I'm a member of the team! You will want to join in this month - it's a gorgeous inspiration kit!

Just a few more hours left in my giveaway - if you haven't gone over to "Delightful" and left me a comment, do so now!


  1. What a greT layout to use these photos :)

  2. Anonymous10:39 am

    Great tradition and its great to use up bits to make something pretty. It looks like sunny weather is also a tradition!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing what the new inspiration kit is!

    What a great tradition, beautifully recorded. More of us should take the time to do this!

  4. You made it work really well!! I think that adding the years would be the perfect touch!

  5. Love these self portrait photos. Fun topic and pretty layout!

  6. Fun photos! Beautiful layout and still adore your embellishment clusters. I'm so happy to follow along with the informal LOAD via your blog. Can't wait for February! (There's one in February, right?)


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